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Rolf Heuer, global ILC cities and the role of Japan

by Rika Takahashi

On 24 October, a symposium to boost activities to invite the ILC to Japan was held at Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan. This event received great attention. One of the reason was CERN's Director-General Rolf Heuer's talk, which was delivered for the first time in Japan since the discovery of Higgs-like particle in July.

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Strip teaser

Technological prototype of scintillator-strip calorimeter in its first test beam

by Barbara Warmbein

A team of two scientists and four students from Shinshu University of Japan and Kyungpook National University of Korea have just packed up their cables, laptops and scintillator strips and left a test beam at DESY with many interesting results in their luggage. They tested the scintillator-strip-based electromagnetic calorimeter (ScECAL), one of the potential layers of a future ILC detector.

Director's Corner

LCWS12 brings together CLIC and ILC communities

by Barry Barish

For several years, 2012 has been anticipated as the time when progress in the field of high energy physics would enable us to clarify the priorities for future planning. The interesting LCWS12 workshop at the University of Texas brought together the elements for such planning, if not a plan. There were reports on the discovery of the Higgs-like particle at the LHC and how that might be pursued in a linear collider; there were reports on the future planning processes that are underway in Europe, Japan and the U.S. and there were reports on the progress in developing the ILC Technical Design and CLIC Conceptual Design as well as how a staged approach might be responsive to the LHC discovery.

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The Higgs, Who Cares? More than 1200 people did in Arlington…

...and for those who could not make it to the lecture "The Standard Model, Higgs Boson, Who cares?" by Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg at last week's LCWS12 meeting, the organiser have put it on YouTube. Well, the closing sentence and the question-and-answer session are there – there were sound problems for the lecture itself. However, even the Q&As are well worth watching. And should Weinberg be seen wearing an LCWS volunteer t-shirt and laser pointer any time soon, the video explains why.

In the News

  • from Arlington Citizen Journal
    29 October 2012

    It wasn’t your everyday science lecture at the University of Texas at Arlington. Organizers say about 1,200 people showed up at Texas Hall on Oct. 24 to hear Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg speak on the importance of continued particle physics research.

  • from Sankei Shimbun
    28 October 2012


  • from Yomiuri Online
    28 October 2012


  • from Science
    26 October 2012

    A physicist takes on a longtime friend of science in a tight Illinois race in which research matters.

  • from New Scientist
    26 October 2012

    It’s time that scientists learned to talk amicably to faith groups about research on the origins of the universe

  • from Kahoku Shinpo
    25 October 2012

    日本創成会議」などは24日、国際プロジェクトで建設する超大型加速器「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」を国内に誘致し、国際研究拠点づくりを目指すフォーラム「グローバル研究都市の創成」を、東京都文京区の東大本郷キャンパスで開いた。(Japan Policy Council hosted a symposium aiming to invite ILC to Japan at University of Tokyo)

  • from Iwate Nippo
    25 October 2012

    終了後、報道陣に対し、本県の北上山地(北上高地)が候補地の一つとなっているILCについてホイヤー所長は「現状で日本に強力なライバルがあるようには見えない」と述べ、日本への立地可能性が高いことに言及した。(CERN’s Direcotr General Rolf Heuer said in the press interview after the symposium that there seems no strong competition to Japan)

  • from Jiji News
    24 October 2012

    万物に質量を与える「ヒッグス粒子」とみられる素粒子を発見したと7月に発表した欧州合同原子核研究所(CERN、スイス)のロルフ・ホイヤー所長が24日、東京都内で開かれたシンポジウムで講演した。ホイヤー所長は「吹雪の中で、特別な雪の結晶を見つけるようなものだ」とヒッグス粒子探索の難しさを語った。(CERN’s Director-General, Rolf Heuer gave a talk at the symposium held in Tokyo. He said finding Higgs is as difficult as finding a special snow flake in a snow storm)

  • from NHK
    24 October 2012

    未知の素粒子の解明に使われる「加速器」という巨大な実験施設を日本へ誘致するためのシンポジウムが24日、東京で開かれました。(The symposium to invite ILC to Japan was held on 24 October in Tokyo. ILC is the huge facility to unveil the mystery of fundamental particle)