Director's Corner

CLIC reaches a milestone

by Steinar Stapnes

It is reporting season: the ILC community is producing the Technical Design Report that also includes the Detector Baseline Design reports, and the CLIC collaboration with associated Detector and Physics studies group have been hard at work completing the CLIC Conceptual Design Report (CDR). The documentation probably surpasses by a large amount - in scope, details and volume - what is normally called a CDR for a project, but then again, there is a lot of work to report on.

Research Director's Report

Of complete DBD drafts, reviews and the future

by Sakue Yamada

The draft of the Detailed Baseline Design report (DBD) of ILC physics and detectors is complete and has been submitted to the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) of the ILC Steering Committee (ILCSC) for review. What are the technological milestones that have been achieved?

Around the World

An eye on the pulse

by Barbara Warmbein

The technical prototype of the silicon-tungsten electromagnetic calorimeter, one of the calorimeter options for the ILC’s ILD detector, is about to spend its first weeks in a test beam at DESY. The team will test its performance under power-pulsed operation and take detector development one step further towards a real collider detector.

Image of the week

Media advisory: International Linear Collider to take next step

The Global Design Effort and ILC Research Directorate, the international planning team for the International Linear Collider (ILC), will hand over the draft of the ILC Technical Design Report (TDR) to its internal oversight board ILC Steering Committee (ILCSC) in an official ceremony to be held in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan on 15 December 2012 at 14:00 h JST. This marks the first step towards the completion of the final design for the ILC project.

In the News

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    4 December 2012

    Innovation promoter wins key role in US Congress.

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    3 December 2012

    You have by now heard about the discovery of the Higgs boson here at CERN – a momentous scientific, technological and human accomplishment.

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    28 November 2012

    Physics World can confirm rumours that the Italian government is to withdraw €250m from the €1bn SuperB particle accelerator, which was set to be built at the University of Tor Vergata on the outskirts of Rome.

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    21 November 2012

    A joined-up funding system is needed to enable the United States to make long-term pledges to major international projects, says Barry Barish.