Press release: Colliders colliding

ILC and CLIC unite in the Linear Collider Collaboration, a new global organisation to advance the global development work for next-generation particle collider

Vancouver, 21 February 2013. The two most mature future particle physics projects, the International Linear Collider (ILC) and the Compact Linear Collider study (CLIC), have formed an official organisational partnership today. As the newly founded Linear Collider Collaboration, they will coordinate and advance the global development work for the linear collider, a global project to complement the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and ultimately understand the deepest secrets of the universe.


Global Design Efficiency – the story of a group revolution

by Barbara Warmbein

It all started in 2004... or so. LC NewsLine recaps the important milestones in the Global Design Effort history, and present and former honourable witnesses remember and send wishes to Barry Barish and Sake Yamada.

Director's Corner

A time of transition, or When men and mountains meet

by Barry Barish and Lyn Evans

Today represents a crossroads in the global efforts towards a linear collider. We are officially making the transition from the International Linear Collider Steering Committee and Global Design Efforts to the new Linear Collider Board and Linear Collider Collaboration that will coordinate the next phase of the global R&D towards a high-energy electron-positron collider to complement the LHC. GDE Director Barry Barish and LCC Director Lyn Evans share their vision in a joint Director’s Corner.


Drive Beam

by Daisy Yuhas

Today is the day the two linear collider projects ILC and CLIC officially unite in the Linear Collider Collaboration. Look forward to more CLIC-related in content in LC NewsLine in the future and get into the swing with this LCpedia entry on the CLIC acceleration technology.

Image of the week

Andy White and Marcel Stanitzki new SiD spokesmen

by Barbara Warmbein

There is a change at the helm of SiD, one of the two detector concepts for the ILC. After John Jaros and Harry Weerts have pushed SiD the LOI, the validation of SiD as one of two ILC detector concepts and collaboration in the CLIC CDR, the time is right for two new spokesmen to take over. These are Andy White and Marcel Stanitzki, whose role now is to strengthen the SiD detector concept and attract new collaborators from all the regions and and continue to develop and improve the SiD concept.

In the News

  • from Saga Shimbun
    20 February 2013

    国際リニアコライダー(ILC)の誘致を目指す産学官の連携組織「ILC唐津推進協議会」が19日、発足した。佐賀、福岡両県の脊振山地と岩手県の北上山地との間で国内候補地選びが本格化する中、九州の自治体で初めて推進組織を設立、「誘致に向け、唐津市が先頭に立ちたい」と意欲を見せた。(On 19 February, Karatsu city announced the establishment of the association to promote the activities toward invitation of the ILC to Kyushu area. This is the first association established by local government in Kyushu area)

  • from CERN Courier
    20 February 2013

    One highlight in Anaheim was a talk on the physics of the LC by Hitoshi Murayama of the Kavli Institute for Mathematics and Physics of the Universe (IPMU) and future deputy-director for the LCC. He addressed the broader IEEE audience, reviewing how a “Higgs factory” (a 250 GeV machine) as the first phase of the ILC could elucidate the nature of the Higgs particle – complementary to the LHC.

  • from Элементы
    19 February 2012

    изическое сообщество уже давно ориентируется на то, что следующим после LHC универсальным ускорителем будет линейный электрон-позитронный коллайдер. Разработка его идет полным ходом уже второе десятилетие, и состояние работ сейчас примерно соответствует работам над LHC в начале 90-х годов. Сейчас имеются две конкурирующие схемы — ILC и CLIC, — рассчитанные на полную энергию столкновений 500 ГэВ (с возможностью дальнейшего повышения энергии). Проект ILC уже находится в стадии подробного технического отчета (technical design report), его публикация ожидается в середине 2013 года) и опережает пока проект CLIC. Однако на днях будет объявлено об объединении работ над этими проектами в рамках единой коллаборации. (Rough translation)

  • from Österreich Journal
    18 February 2013

    300 Teilnehmer bei weltweit größter Konferenz über Teilchendetektoren in Wien

  • from Exchange Magazine
    18 February 2013

    Vancouver – Canada is famous for being a peacemaker, a negotiator, and a broker of transition and change that creates a brighter future for everyone. On February 21, TRIUMF will do its part in fulfilling this role as it plays host to a meeting of the leaders of the major high-energy physics laboratories around the world.

  • from Kahoku Shinpo
    16 February 2013

    「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」計画で、21日に発足する国際推進組織の測定器部門の責任者に、東北大大学院理学研究科の山本均教授(57)が就くことが15日、分かった。(Hitoshi Yamamoto, professor at Tohoku University was announced to be a associate director in charge of physics and detector study for the new linear collider organization)

  • from Wales Online
    15 February 2013

    Cern experts say the new linear collider will be a “scalpel” examining newly discovered particles chipped off atoms by the LHC, which was launched with great fanfare by Dr Evans in September 2008.

  • from Kahoku Shinpo
    15 February 2013

     岩手県一関市は14日、2013年度当初予算案を発表した。岩手県などが同市を含む県南部・北上山地への誘致を目指す超大型加速器「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」の実現に向けた「一関市学術研究都市構想推進事業(仮称)」に、2257万円を盛り込んだ。(Ichinoseki-city announced their FY2013 budget on 14 February . The city allocated 22.5 million yen to the project ti realize the ILC in the Tohoku area)

  • from Saga Shimbun
    15 February 2013

    「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」建設計画の実現に向け、九州・山口地域の産学官でつくる「ILCアジア-九州推進会議」が14日、発足した。地域の力を結集し、誘致活動を展開する。 (An association aiming to to realize the construction of the ILC has established on 14 February by the collaboration between industry, educational institutions and the administration of prefectures in Kyushu island and Yamaguchi.)

  • from CERN
    14 February 2013

    Over the coming months major consolidation and maintenance work will be carried out across the whole of CERN’s accelerator chain. The LHC will be readied for higher energy running, and the experiments will undergo essential maintenance. LHC running is scheduled to resume in 2015, with the rest of the CERN complex starting up again in the second half of 2014.

  • from Iwate Broadcasting Co.
    12 February 2012

    県の新年度当初予算案がきょう発表されました。過去最大規模となった今年度の当初予算をさらに上回る「復興加速予算」と名づけられています。また復興の先を見据えた事業にも経費を確保し、ILC=国際リニアコライダーの誘致に関連して、およそ3400万円が計上されました。(Iwate prefecture announced FY2013 budget today, calling it “Budget to accelerate the recovery, which is bigger than ever. Prefecture allocated 34 million yen, for the activity to invite ILC to the area)

  • from InterAction Collaboration
    11 February 2013

    Last September, hundreds of amateur and professional photographers streamed into particle physics laboratories around the world to produce thousands of photographs of state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories and people, in all their beauty and complexity. Now, the citizens of the world are invited to vote for their three favorites as part of the “people’s choice” global photowalk competition.