Submit your papers for Snowmass 2013

7 March 2013

The Snowmass 2013 Community Summer Study on the future of high-energy physics encourages the submission of papers to its  electronic proceedings.  Submitted papers may be White Papers on specific topics or more technical contributions that illuminate questions asked by the study.  We welcome anyone or any group in the international high-energy physics community to submit a paper to the study.

To submit a paper, please visit the web site where you will also find instructions for submission and a submission form.  You will also find a list of papers already submitted, indexed by the relevant Snowmass working group.  At the moment, the site is still under construction, but the instructions for submitting papers are already written there explicitly.  There will be no format or length requirements.

In particular, you will see that it is possible to submit a paper in a preliminary stage and then update this paper after the CSS meeting in Minneapolis.  We strongly encourage you to submit the first version of your paper in time to influence the conclusions of the appropriate Snowmass working group(s).  The deadline for the final version of Snowmass submissions will be 30 September  2013.

If you have arguments or new scientific results relevant to the future of high energy physics, we strongly encourage you to submit a paper to the Proceedings!
Norman Graf,  Michael Peskin (Editors of the Snowmass 2013 Electronic Proceedings),
Jonathan L. Rosner (Chair, Division of Particles and Fields, American Physical Society)

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