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Ichinoseki-eki: get on board the ILC train!

| 17 April 2014

If you ever come to the Kitakami region and visit the ILC candidate site in Japan, you may well stop at or change over at Ichinoseki station (Ichinoseki-eki). Since a few weeks, local people and the visitors can view an ILC booth in the station, providing information about the ILC project and candidate site.

Osamu Katube, Mayor of Ichinoseki city, has given more than 100 public lectures about the ILC so far. “I believe that the ILC has gained a broad understanding around the area. With this exhibition, I am hoping people will feel that the ILC project is moving, will imagine the scale of the project and will get interested in science.”

This exhibition is the result of interactions between Mayor Katsube and Ichinoseki Station manager, Toshihiro Chiba. They were having a meeting one day, and the ILC came up as a topic of chat. “When Mr. Chiba learned that Ichinoseki might be the closest station to the future ILC campus, he immediately offered the exhibit space.” The visitor will find the ILC exhibit just in front of the ticket gate of the Shinkansen bullet train.




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