Loops and legs for ILC

by Rika Takahashi

Following in the footsteps of famous thinkers like German poets Goethe and Schiller, a group of scientists has gathered at Weimar, Germany, for the Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory conference. They want to improve theoretical calculations, also for ILC studies.

Around the World

From UK News from CERN: Speaking up for CLIC

by Stephanie Hills, STFC's UK Communications and Innovation Officer

The CLIC accelerator collaboration has elected a new spokesperson. Phil Burrows of the University of Oxford succeeds Roberto Corsini of CERN. Over the next three years, Burrows will be engaging with the institutes that are members of CLIC and helping to ensure that CLIC’s R&D programme pushes ahead during the critical phase ahead of the next update of the European strategy for particle physics. Corsini will continue his technical leadership of CLIC/CTF3.

Director's Corner

From shutdown to cooldown: the LHC is preparing to get back online

Former LHC project leader looks back at his developing project and ahead towards the future

by Lyn Evans

The LHC’s long shutdown is nearing its end. All magnet interconnects have been opened and checked, and with the first of eight sectors scheduled for cooldown this month, it’s well on its way towards new discoveries, says LCC Director Lyn Evans. After all, results from the LHC determine the future of particle physics around the world, and the ILC is no exception.

Image of the week

Forum at the Terascale

This week, the German LC Forum took place at the University of Bonn. The LC Forum was initiated by the Helmholtz Alliance "Physics at the Terascale“ to provide a regular discussion platform for all aspects of linear colliders – accelerator, detectors, physics. The meeting was held in the Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics and yielded lively discussion, also in preparation of the American Linear Collider Workshop. Among the focus topics were for example beam polarisation, characterisation of dark matter particles at the ILC, and recent results on LC detector R&D.

In the News

  • from Sankei Shimbun
    23 April 2014

    国際リニアコライダー」(ILC)の北上山地(岩手、宮城県)への誘致実現を目指す「東北ILC推進協議会」の総会が22日、仙台市青葉区のホテルで開かれ、国に対して早期に国内誘致を表明することなどを求める決議案を採択した。Tohoku Conference for the promotion of the ILC held general meeting at the hotel in Sendai city, and adopt a resolution to make a request for the Japanese government to voice the will of inviting the ILC to Kitakami area)