How small can you go?

ATF2 breaks beam size records

by Nobuko Kobayashi

The world’s smallest ever beam size of 55 nanometres was achieved by the ATF2 facility at KEK, reported Nobuhiro Terunuma at the AWLC workshop held at Fermilab. And what is more, the results are reproducible, which means that for the ILC, a recovery after a short break would be no issue.

Director's Corner

ILC is big in the US P5 process

by Hitoshi Murayama

The ILC came away as a big winner in the P5 process, says LCC Deputy Director Hitoshi Murayama. He gives his take on the importance of the report and its expected positive impact on the ILC in this week's Director's Corner.

Around the World

LCC Director Lyn Evans visits IHEP

by YiLin Liu

During a recent visit to IHEP in China, an LCC delegation discussed China’s role in the ILC project, including how China is going to participate, what China is going to contribute and who is going to join the project, with scientists from IHEP and Chinese universities. They also visited IHEP's ILC 1.3 GHz superconducting accelerator module.

In the News

  • from Fermilab Today
    17 June 2014

    The majority of the questions fielded were about the P5 report’s recommendation to form a new international collaboration that would build a long-baseline neutrino facility at Fermilab.

  • from Deutsche Welle
    14 June 2014

    In the coming years, CERN researchers in Switzerland want to generate never-before seen components of matter in their particle accelerator to solve one of astrophysics biggest mysteries: the nature of dark matter.

  • from Kahoku shinpo
    3 June 2014

    岩手県南と宮城県北にまたがる北上山地が候補地になっている超大型加速器「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」誘致の機運を高めようと、岩手県一関市は宮城県北の自治体と連携し、同県にPR看板を設置する。設置するのは宮城県気仙沼、登米、栗原、大崎4市各1カ所の国道沿いなど。(Iwate prefecture’s Ichinoseki city government cooperates with 4 cities in Miyagi prefecture, Kesen-numa, Tome, Kurihara, and Osaki, in the effort to invite the ILC to the region, put up the ILC sign board along side the road.)

  • from symmetry magazine
    12 June 2014

    At the LHC Physics Conference in New York, experts looked to the next steps in collider physics.

  • from Fermilab Today
    12 June 2014

    Now, the man who literally wrote the book on superconducting radio-frequency technology is leading Fermilab’s Technical Division and the laboratory’s SRF program.

  • from Scientific American Blog
    9 June 2014

    Physicists see both the LHC v3.0 and the ILC (or a like contraption) as essential follow-ups to their recent discoveries. Both machines would perform extra-high-precision measurements to check whether the Higgs is playing its intended theoretical roles.

  • from IHEP
    9 June 2014

    The clean-room assembly of a 1.3 GHz ILC 9-cell superconducting RF cavity in a test cryomodule was completed at IHEP on May 23rd 2014.