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Governor of Iwate prefecture visits CERN

| 13 November 2014

Takuya TASSO, Governor of Iwate Prefecture in Japan, visited CERN on 10 November to see CERN’s activities as a leading international research laboratory cooperation in the frontier of particle physics, and its contribution to world-wide science and education, as well as learn about its social impact.

They can stand the rain: LCC Director Lyn Evans, Takuya Tasso,
Governor of Iwate Prefecture, and a rock with a Standard-Model equation outside the main control room at CERN. Image: Kenichi Yoshida

He talked about efforts in Iwate to welcome and to anticipate realising the ILC in Japan’s Kitakami region, which would mean a new leading role by Iwate prefecture in advanced science and technology which would also boost Tohoku’s activities to recover from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. For example, there is a new road and transport root plan in Tohoku, which can be combined with the regional effort to support the ILC laboratory access.

CERN’s Director-General Rolf Heuer and the LCC Director Lyn Evans welcomed Tasso to CERN. Heuer encouraged Iwate Prefecture to continue efforts for the ILC to be realised in Japan as a complementary world-wide center for frontier particle physics.
He also emphasised  the importance of centres like these for the new next generation to lead science in our future.

Lyn Evans emphasised that such a unique and important science programme can be realised in Japan only with international cooperation, and it will be our present to the next generation to work on it. He also introduced two documents, one from CERN and one from OECD, that highlight the societal impact of research centres on their environment.

Both also emphasise that Japan needs to take a decision for the offer to host the project as soon as possible in order to keep the support from the world-wide community. Evans said he would visit Tohoku in mid-January in next year for further close communication with the relevant regional persons and representatives. Tasso said that he would transfer this information and advice to the relevant persons in Japan.

He visited the superconducting system test facility (SM18) , the CERN Control Center CCC and the ATLAS cavern.

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