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Vertical wonder

by Joykrit Mitra

US scientists, with assistance from private industry have designed the newest iteration of a special chip with a 3D integrated circuit, for the ILC's vertex detector that will help measure properties of incoming particles at a higher resolution than previously achievable. The ILC is now another step closer to being an engineering reality.


CERN-KEK offices established

CERN and the Japanese high-energy accelerator research laboratory KEK have a long history of collaboration. An agreement signed at KEK on 21 November puts this on even firmer ground: both labs will establish CERN-KEK offices to increase the collaborative effort on accelerator R&D and construction projects of mutual interest.

Director's Corner

A successful Linear Collider workshop in Belgrade – and planning the main LC workshops in 2015

by Steinar Stapnes

After a successful linear collider workshop last month, which saw progress in site-specific studies for the ILC and detector optimisation for both ILC and CLIC detectors (and more), Steinar Stapnes is looking ahead to next year's workshops in Japan and Canada.

Image of the week

Summer students reunite at test beam

by Barbara Warmbein

Four consecutive generations of former DESY summer students had an unplanned reunion at CERN recently: they were all around for the test of of the prototype of the analogue hadronic calorimeter for the ILC's ILD detector. They had all worked on this project as summer students.

Video of the week

They want the ILC! #mylinearcollider

IFIC Spanish group in Valencia shares it support to the ILC project

Video: ©2014 IFIC

The particle physics group at IFIC in Valencia, Spain, shares its enthusiam for the ILC. You too can contribute by participating in the #mylinearcollider video campaign.

In the News

  • from Sankei news
    20 November 2014

    岩手県の北上山地に次世代加速器、国際リニアコライダー(ILC)の施設を誘致する計画が熱を帯びている。合言葉は「東北を科学の拠点に」。民間団体の援軍も現れ、誘致を呼びかけている。(The expectation to build the ILC, the next generation accelerator, in Kitakami is raising high. The catchphrase is “Make the Tohoku into a science hub.” The supporters from public are calling for the invitation of the ILC.)

  • from CNET
    19 November 2014

    Timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly: scientists reckon satellites and dead stars could hold the key to the mystery of dark matter.

  • from Iwate Nippo
    17 November 2014

    CERNのロルフ・ホイヤー所長は岩手日報社の単独インタビューに対し「長い間、日本政府の決断がなされない場合、このプロジェクトはゼロになる」と対応の遅れに強い懸念を表した。(CERN’s Director General Rolf Heuer said “If the Japanese government takes too long to make decision on the ILC, all bets may be off,” expressing concern over the delay of the Japanese government’s reaction.)

  • from Videnskab
    15 November 2014

    Det er også Cornell-forskere der byggede Arecibo Observatoriet, der blandt andet leder efter liv i rummet, og flere af Mars roverne. De var de første til at lave crashtest med biler, og de er involveret i at designe LHC’ens kollega International Linear Collider (ILC).

  • from Iwate Nippo
    8 November 2014

    超党派の議員によるリニアコライダー国際研究所建設推進議員連盟(河村建夫会長)の総会は7日、国会内で開かれ、国際リニアコライダー(ILC)誘致に向けて日米などの議員外交を強化することを確認した。早ければ来年1、2月にも日米の議員が話し合う場を設ける方針。議連として欧州のフランス、英国、ドイツの3カ国とも個別に協議を始める考えで、国際的な資金分担を後押ししていく。(The general meeting of the Federation of Diet Members for Promotion of the ILC in Japan was held on 7 November, cognizing that they will bolster up the diplomatic activities by Diet members toward the realisation of the ILC. They will set up the meeting with US congress mans as early as January next year. They also will start bi-lateral negotiations between France, UK, and Germany, to push the discussion on international sharing.)