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Tokyo event during ALCW: Taste of Discovery

| 5 March 2015

22 April 2015, the middle day of the Asian Linear Collider Workshop (ALCW), will be a special day. Jointly hosted by Linear Collider Collaboration (LCC) and the Japanese industry-academia collaboration Advanced Accelerator Association Promoting Science and Technology (AAA), two events will be held on the same day: the ILC Tokyo Symposium and the Special Food Festa, Taste of Discovery. A new website for these events is now open.

Organisers are working hard to plan and prepare for the events to provide very special experiment in Tokyo. Some exciting plans are on the list, and will be announced when they are ready. Please don’t miss the opportunity to attend this important moment for the ILC toward its realisation.

Discussions whether Japan would host the International Linear Collider Project are ongoing at government level, and the ALCW2015 happens at a critical time. It is very important for the community to show its enthusiasm and support for the project, so if you are not yet registered for the ALCW, register now! Registrants for the ALCW2015 will get a entry pass for both symposium and food festa. The symposium is open for public (registration form is under preparation). Sign up to catch up the latest news on the ILC.

See you in Toyo!

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