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InGrids on the rise

by Barbara Warmbein

An alternative technology for the ILD detector’s TPC tracker shows good results in a test beam at DESY. While the Large Hadron Collider saw its first circulating protons since many months, a detector technology for the time projection chamber of a future ILC detector saw some 1.5 million events in one week. Due to its specific technology, it probably has more channels than any other TPC so far.

Director's Corner

April in Paris

by Brian Foster

For the first Programme Advisory Committee meeting of the Linear Collider Collaboration, experts from all over the world gathered in France to review the status of the LCC and progress since the completion of the Technical Design Report in 2013. The committee was impressed by the progress both on the machine and the detectors. Brian Foster, European Director in the LCC, reports about the details.

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LHC breaks new energy record

Image: CERN

6.5 TeV in a circulating beam! Since the LHC's restart on 5 April after its log shutdown, operations have gone smoothly in the world's most powerful particle accelerator. Since 10 April, the machine is holder of a new energy record (breaking the record it set itself), accelerating proton beams up to 6.5 TeV. According to CERN, the operators are now taking a 'softly, softly' approach, increasing little by little the number of bunches in the beams.They expect first low-energy collision in the coming weeks and the greatly-expected 13-TeV collisions sometime in June.

Video: relive the LHC restart | Read more about the record

In the News

  • from SA Visual, a Scientific American blog
    15 April 2015

    Visualizing them in table form has become a bit of a tradition here at the magazine, as a way to introduce readers to the cast of characters in articles on the topic, and to provide context for theorized and newly described particles.

  • from Iwate Nippo
    14 April 2015

    東北ILC推進協議会の2015年度総会で、加速器関連産業戦略ビジョンを中間報告した。ビジョンは5月中にまとめる。(At the annual general meeting of ILC Tohoku association, the content of the interim report on the strategic vision for the accelerator related industry was reported. The final report will be published in May)

  • from Wales on line
    11 April 2015

    Initially at the helm of the LHC was project manager Lyn “The Atom” Evans, another Swansea University graduate who hails from Aberdare. He has now retired from the LHC and is heading the project to develop “next level collider”, the International Linear Collider.

  • from Hull Daily Mail
    9 April 2015

    The former Wilberforce College student will work on CERN’s next big project, the internal linear collider.

  • from Mainichi Shimbun
    8 April 2015

     県立大の鈴木厚人(あつと)新学長(68)が、盛岡市で就任記者会見し、「技術力低下が叫ばれる中、ILCを通した技術大国回復のため誘致実現を目指したい。国民から応援されるよう取り組みたい」と語った。(Atsuto Suzuki, new president of Iwate Prefectural University said in the press conference, “I aim to realise the ILC for Japan to regain the status of the leading country in technology through the ILC construction and operation. I will try hard to gain public support”)

  • from CERN
    5 April 2015

    The LHC is entering its second season of operation. Thanks to the work done in the last two years, it will operate at unprecedented energy – almost double that of season 1 – at 6.5 TeV per beam. With 13 TeV proton-proton collisions expected before summer, the LHC experiments will soon be exploring uncharted territory.