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LHC breaks new energy record

| 16 April 2015

“LHC Page one” is a screen showing the live status of the LHC beam. On 10 April, beams of 6.5 TeV circulated in the tunnel. Image: CERN

6.5 TeV in a circulating beam! Since the LHC’s restart on 5 April after its long shutdown, operations have gone smoothly in the world’s most powerful particle accelerator. Since 10 April, the machine is holder of a new energy record (breaking the record it set itself), accelerating proton beams up to 6.5 TeV. According to CERN, the operators are now taking a ‘softly, softly’ approach, increasing little by little the number of bunches in the beams.They expect first low-energy collision in the coming weeks and the greatly-expected 13-TeV collisions sometime in June.

Video: relive the LHC restart
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