Towards the realisation of the International Linear Collider

At the ILC Tokyo Symposium, held on 22 April 2015 at the Ito International Hall, Tokyo, Japan, the Linear Collider Collaboration (LCC) and the more than 300 participants from around the world at the Asian Linear Collider Workshop (ALCW) 2015 decided to issue a statement confirming their conviction of the scientific justification for a prompt realisation of the International Linear Collider (ILC).

Around the World

CALICE under new leadership

by Barbara Warmbein

CALICE, the collaboration of detector developers working on calorimeters for the linear collider, has a new spokesperson. At their meeting during the ALCW2015 workshop, the collaboration elected Frank Simon from the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, Germany, as their new head. He takes over from Jose Repond, Argonne National Lab.

Director's Corner

Bright lights, big city – the ILC comes to town

by Mike Harrison

The organisers arranged a special “Tokyo Event”, to highlight the benefits of the ILC to Japanese society. More than 400 politicians, industry, media and workshop participants heard about the Tokyo Statement, Japanese demographics and followed a panel discussion that included the claim that physicists come across as ignorant. Mike Harrison sums up his impressions.

Image of the week

Impressions from ALCW2015 and the Tokyo Event

Vertical shafts instead of slanted ones, news from the detector concepts, familiar and new faces and a lot of exchange – that's nowhere near a summary of a week of discussions between some 300 linear collider experts from around the world... but it's a start. Look at a selection of photos in this photo album for some impressions, also of the political event in Tokyo on 22 April, and check the ALCW2015 page for all pictures.

In the News

  • from Iwate Nichi Nichi
    25 April 2015

    世界素粒子物理研究施設の広報担当者は、ILCの北上山地(北上高地)への建設実現を見据えて外国人が暮らしやすいまちづくりを推進する「ILCサポート委員会」と意見交換を行った。(Communication specialists from around the world had a opinion exchange session with ILC Support committee, a group of foreign residents in Iwate prefecture which aim to realise the international city where everyone can have comfortable life)

  • from Mainichi Shimbun
    24 April 2015

    「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」建設計画に関連し、この分野の各国研究機関の広報担当スタッフが23日、気仙沼市などを視察した。(Regarding the planned ILC construction, communication specialists from world particle physics labs visited related cities include Kesennuma on 23 April)

  • from Yomiuri Shimbun
    24 April 2015

    海外の素粒子物理研究所の広報担当者が23日、巨大実験施設「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」の建設候補地となっている一関市などを視察した。(Communication specialists from particle physics labs around the worls visite ILC candidate site)

  • from Tanko Nichinichi
    23 April 2015

    “Calling for the Early Realization of the ILC: Researchers the World Issue Tokyo Statement”

  • from Kahoku Shinpo
    23 April 2015

    LCCは22日、ILC計画の意義などについて専門家が意見を交わすシンポジウムを東大で開いた。ILC計画に関係の深い研究者4人が登壇した。(LCC held a symposium to discuss significance of the ILC at the University of Tokyo on 22 April)

  • from Iwate Nippo
    22 April 2015

    国際リニアコライダー(ILC)計画を検討する文部科学省の有識者会議は21日、同省で開かれ、加速器施設建設費(労務費を含む)の見積額が1兆1千億円程度に上ることが示された。建設費を公的に検証したのは初めて。(Expart panel to discuss the ILC in Japan had its meeting on 21 April, and reported the estimated construction cost, including labor )