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Eckhard Elsen to become research director at CERN

| 1 October 2015

Eckhard Elsen

From cavity studies to shaping the future of particle physics in Europe: Eckhard Elsen, scientist at the German lab DESY, will become research director at CERN when Fabiola Gianotti becomes Director-General in 2016. Elsen is well known in the linear collider community for his central role advancing not only the the performance of high-gradient superconducting cavities but also of the linear collider project itself. He is a member of and has chaired numerous committees in the world of particle physics and beyond. His term of office covers the second run of the Large Hadron Collider LHC.

The other members of the new CERN directorate are Frédérick Bordry as Director for Accelerators, Martin Steinacher as the new Director for Administration and General Infrastructure, and Charlotte Warakaulle as the new Director for International Affairs.

“My aim is to ensure that particle physics in Europe and the world continues to stand on solid and broad foundations. CERN is currently the most important centre for particle physics. It would not have this role if it weren’t for the ideas contributed by other research centres and the constructive competition with them, as well as the young talents emerging from the participating universities. I would like to continue to strengthen CERN’s collaboration with all these different institutions,” says Elsen.

Read the full DESY news story.

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