Director's Corner

Political progress

by Mike Harrison

In a few weeks and for the first time, Japanese and US politicians will sit down together, in public, with the ILC a prominent topic of debate. Though the outcome of the forum may not be immediately visible, Mike Harrison, Associate Director for the International Linear Collider in the Linear Collider Collaboration, is looking forward to the event. Many things are in motion below the surface, he says, and it’s one more step on the way to the realisation of a linear collider.

Around the World

From European XFEL: First electrons accelerated in European XFEL

Major milestone for international research facility

A crucial component of the European XFEL has taken up operation: The so-called injector, the 45-metre long first part of the superconducting particle accelerator, has accelerated its first electrons to nearly the speed of light. This is the first beam ever accelerated at the European XFEL and represents a major advancement toward the completion of the facility.

The X-ray laser European XFEL is an international research facility in northern Germany that will produce ultrabright X-ray laser flashes for unprecedented studies of the nanocosmos. It consists of a 2-kilometre long superconducting linear electron accelerator, followed by a series of highly precise magnets to produce the highly brilliant X-ray laser light.


Stamp of approval

We often get requests to use the ILC logo from companies and organisations who would like to show their support for the International Linear Collider project. We have a solution: here's the new "We support the ILC" logo, ready for use wherever you please.

Image of the week

CLIC experts meet at CERN

Sometimes even linear-collider experts make semi circles, especially when you have to squeeze more than 200 participants into one picture (and it's raining). The CLIC workshop was held at CERN from 18 to 22 January. Get the latest on the Compact Linear Collider Study in a future issue of LC NewsLine.

In the News

  • from Ingeniøren
    25 January 2016

    Over de næste fire år vil Japan tredoble ingeniørstaben på det nationale acceleratorlaboratorium for at gøre klar til LHC’s afløser. Nu mangler blot pengene.

  • from Iwate Nichi Nichi
    22 January 2016

    在札幌米国総領事館のジャスティン・トール領事が21日、奥州市を訪れ、ILCの建設候補地になっている北上山地(北上高地)周辺に位置する同市水沢区羽田地区の住民と意見交換した。(Justin W. Tull, Consul of the United States Consulate General in Sapporo visited Oshu city, the candidate site of the ILC on 21 January, and had a discussion with the residents of Haneda-area in Mizusawa-ward about the internationalization of the area.)

  • from Physik Journal
    20 January 2016

    Fabiola Gianotti ist seit Jahresbeginn neue Generaldirektorin, neuer Forschungsdirektor ist Eckhard Elsen.

  • from 21 CN
    30 December 2015

    如果我们能够搭建一个制造这些粒子的“工厂”,那么我们就能够以任意精度测量它们的衰变率,一些科学家提议建造的高能正负电子对撞机——国际直线对撞机ILC(International Linear Collider)就能完成这样的任务。(If we can build a “factory” machine which produce these particles, we will be able to measure their arbitrary precision decay rate, some scientists proposed the construction of high-energy electron-positron collider – the International Linear Collider ILC will be able to complete this task.)