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From metal sheet to particle accelerator (part 2 of 3)

Into the cold: cavities for the European XFEL put to the test

by Ricarda Laasch

If you're an electron, a ride in a cavity is pretty much the coolest thing that can happen to you. If you're an accelerator and you need huge numbers of cavities you better make sure they're all of outstanding quality – which is what the X-ray free-electron laser European XFEL under construction in Hamburg has just finished. In a series first published in DESY inForm, we look at how a niobium sheet turns into a curvy beauty. Part two describes the series of tests cavities have to undergo before making their way into an accelerator module.

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KEK changes organisational structure towards realisation of the ILC

by Rika Takahashi

With the future in mind, Japan's High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation, KEK has made a change to its organisational structure regarding the ILC project. By doing so, KEK is getting ready for the "green light" from Japanese government.

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Akira Yamamoto awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon

by Rika Takahashi

On 28 April, the Japanese government announced the winners of the "Medal with Purple Ribbon" for 2016, and Akira Yamamoto, professor of KEK and Regional Director for Asia of Linear Collider Collaboration, is one of them. He receives the Medal for his contribution to the advancement of superconducting technology. This medal is awarded to individuals who have contributed to academic and artistic developments, improvements and accomplishments.

Director's Corner

Looking into the crystal ball

by Brian Foster

The Linear Collider Collaboration comes to the end of its mandate at the end of this year. A working group made up of lab directors from Europe, the US and Japan is looking at options for a new management structure, and in his corner, European Regional Director Brian Foster gives some (unsolicited) advice.

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  • from Iwate Nippo
    23 April 2016

    国際リニアコライダー(ILC)を生かした奥州市の将来像を示す「市ILCまちづくりビジョン」の策定委員会は22日、ビジョン案をまとめ、小沢昌記市長に提出した。産業振興や外国人研究者らの生活支援、国際人材の育成策などを盛り込んだ。ILCがもたらす多くの可能性をまちづくりにつなげる。(Planning Committee for ILC urban development vision published the vision paper and handed it to Masaki Ozawa, Mayor of Oshu city. The paper includes recommendations on industrial development, support measures for foreign residents, and development of internationally oriented human resource)

  • from symmetry magazine
    22 April 2016

    The CMS collaboration has released 300 terabytes of research data.

  • from Kahoku Shinpo
    22 April 2016

    日本政策投資銀行は、東日本大震災から5年の節目に合わせ、東北経済復興の方策を提言するリポートをまとめた。・・「国際リニアコライダー」(ILC)など加速器産業に関し「経済落ち込みが本格化する前のILC立地決定が重要」と指摘し、国への働き掛けを促し(Development bank of Japan issues a report to recommend measures to revitalise economy in Tohoku. The report recommends to encourage the government’s reaction saying “it is important to make positive decision on the ILC before the economic downturn start in earnest”)

  • from The Conversation
    20 April 2016

    Can Europe work? This is the real question being asked of British people on June 23. Behind the details of subsidies, regulations and eurozones lies a more fundamental puzzle: can different nationalities retain their own identities and work together, without merging into some bland United States of Europe?

  • from Cern Courier
    15 April 2016

    Although no decision has been taken so far as to whether or not the proposed new particle accelerator should be built, the R&D programme on key aspects of its design doesn’t stop.