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ILC introduced with fun at KEK Open House

| 8 September 2016


You can become Higgs-kun thanks to a Higgs selfie frame! Image: Tomiko Shirakata

Despite of the severe lingering summer heat, some 3800 visitors enjoyed KEK’s open house held on 4 September.

Many ILC-related fun events were offered to the visitors: facility tours of two ILC test facilities, the Advanced Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) and the Superconducting RF test facility (STF), an “ILC experiment game” for kids, a lecture about the ILC superconducting RF cavity production by Masashi Yamanaka, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Center, and a Science café.

Mysterious Higgs-kun was discovered again following the last year’s KEK open house and DESY Day, and this year, he (she?) collaborated with Tsukuba city’s official character, Captain Fukkun. Also many visitors became Higgs-kun thanks to custom-made selfie frame!

Of course, Science X Hello Kitty welcomed the visitors at the souvenir store and on the T-shirts of the ILC exhibition staff.

Kids who participated in the experiment game wrote their own papers, and were given one of three prizes; Elephant Zobel prize (Zo meaning elephant in Japanese), Chicken Peep-bel prize, or Cat Mew-bel prize, from the “Great Professors,” the senior scientists. This game was planned to explain how scientists find new particles or new phenomena by the accelerator experiments, using real simulated events and analysed plots.”I was always wondering how new particles are discovered. I finally got the idea of how the particle physics experiments work,” said a mother of participated kids.

Many people must have learned that the ILC is fun stuff!


HIggs-kun collaborating with Captain Fukkun were huge attractions for the kids. Image: Nobuko Kobayashi


Masashi Yamanaka explained how to produce the superconducting RF cavity with a Niobium disc on his hand. Image: Nobuko Kobayashi


Many visitors are curious to take a close look at a real superconducting RF cavity, carefully listening the explanation from Shin-ichiro Michizono. Image: Tomiko Shirakata

More pictures are shown at ILC Tsushin Facebook.


For the experiment game, kids first took a short lesson about how to look for new particles or phenomena. Image: Tomiko Shirakata


“Great Professor” Yokoya accepted the paper, and awarded Mew-bel prize to a future ILC scientist. Image: Tomiko Shirakata


“Peep-bel prize” medal, one of the three awards given at KEK open house. Image: Nobuko Kobayashi


Visitors to the STF facility got a feel of the ILC, looking at ILC-type cryomodule. Image: Takayuki Saeki


Visitors made long line along ATF’s injector. Image: Sakae Araki

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