SiD optimisation group moves towards new detector model after PNNL meeting

by Jan Strube, PNNL

SiD, one of the two planned detectors for the ILC, decided at the end of last year to change their simulation and reconstruction framework. At a recent meeting at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the US the optimisation group got their heads round simulations, detector and physics studies in the new software framework. This is an important step towards SiD's technical design report.

Director's Corner

Forming a new plan for R&D

by Lyn Evans

First bilateral discussions between the Japanese and US administrations have led to a new emphasis in accelerator R&D for the linear collider that is both good and bad, Lyn Evans says. More bilateral discussions between Japan and European and Asian countries will follow. In the meantime, the community will lay down plans for SCRF research for the next two to three years during a dedicated workshop-in-a-workshop in December. Evans, current Director of the Linear Collider Community, hopes for great turnout.

Around the World

From Kitakami Times: Talking about 2016’s LCWS with Prof. Shinya Narita of Iwate University

The editors of Kitakami Times, a newsletter about the Tohoku region and the ILC, met with Iwate University’s Professor Shinya Narita, the local head of planning for the LCWS in Morioka. He told them what’s going on, and what kind of help he’s looking for from local foreign residents.


The LC NewsLine guide to… Morioka noodles

by Rika Takahashi

LCWS 2016 is one and half months away. LC NewsLine received a welcome message from Morioka to invite you to LCWS. If you have not registered yet, sign up now!

In the News

  • from SE Daily
    20 October 2016

    ‘물질을 구성하는 기본입자는 무엇인가’는 물리학자와 화학자들의 최대 관심사다.

  • from Der Standard
    19 October 2016

    Nobelpreisträge Higgs spricht über die ursprüngliche Ablehnung seine Theorie und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung der Wissenschaftler

  • from NetEase
    19 October 2016

    除了LIGO前负责人外,Barry Barish还曾经担任国际直线对撞机(International Linear Collider, ILC)的全球设计团队负责人。拟议中的国际直线对撞机是一台超高能量的正负电子对撞机,精度超过大型强子对撞机(LHC),是一个大规模国际合作计划项目,美国、欧洲和日本都在积极争取成为该项目的落户地。(In addition to the former head of LIGO, Barry Barish also served as the International Linear Collider (International Linear Collider, ILC), the global design team leader. The proposed International Linear Collider is an ultra-high-energy electron-positron collider that outperforms the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and is a large-scale international cooperative program with projects in the United States, Europe and Japan. And actively strive to become the project settled.)

  • from Kahoku Shinpo
    19 October 2016

    超大型加速器「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」の東北誘致に向けて若い世代に関心を持ってもらおうと、東北ILC推進協議会は18日、仙台市青葉区の中高一貫校の仙台青陵中等教育学校で講演会を開いた。(Tohoku ILC Council hosted a talk show on 18 October, for junior and high school students in Sendai city.)

  • from NC Network
    17 October 2016

    シチズン時計株式会社(本社:東京都西東京市、代表取締役社長:戸倉敏夫)は、2016年10月28日(金)から東京ミッドタウン内コートヤードで開催される「Salone in Roppongi(サローネ イン ロッポンギ)」にて世界最薄の光発電エコ・ドライブ ウオッチ『Eco-Drive One(エコ・ドライブ ワン)』を展示します。

  • from News 163
    17 October 2016

    你也许不熟悉超大型对撞机,但不可能不认识 Hello Kitty。这只源于日本、风靡世界的小猫是“卡哇伊”文化的代表,其可爱甜美的形象已经出现在上万种商品上,每年畅销数十个国家。

  • from CERN Courier
    14 October 2016

    An updated baseline-staging scenario for CERN’s Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) focuses on an optimised initial-energy stage at 380 GeV that will be significantly cheaper than the original design, say Philipp Roloff and Daniel Schulte.

  • from Iwate Nippo
    9 October 2016

    宇宙創成の謎に迫る大型実験施設、国際リニアコライダー(ILC)計画などを話し合うリニアコライダー国際会議(LCWS)は12月5日から9日まで盛岡市で開かれる。(LCES 2016 will be taken place in Morioka city from 5 to 9 December)