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It’s all about respect

| 16 February 2017

Our particle physics community is a model of peaceful collaboration, independent of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. In today’s world, where gender discrimination and racism are becoming more and more prevalent, we should pride ourselves on our community’s role model status. In this era of deteriorating social climate, we must be extremely vigilant in making sure that our own high standards do not slip.

It is with this in mind that the Linear Collider Collaboration (LCC) is setting up a direct line to the LCC directorate through which any incident of gender or racial discrimination can be reported. In order to lay down guidelines for correct behaviour, I propose that we adopt the principles of the well formulated and documented CERN Code of Conduct as a reference.

If a member of our community feels that any of the principles laid down in this document, including gender discrimination, are violated, he or she should inform one of the LCC Directors. Diversity and inclusion are fundamental pillars of our community, and mutual respect is another. We will make sure that people not adhering to the Code will receive a warning and a reminder of the responsibility that comes with being a role model.

Lyn Evans

Lyn Evans (CERN) is the Linear Collider Director.
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