“We are committed to making the ILC a success” LCWS participants publish “Sendai Statement” in support of the International Linear Collider

1 November 2019

Scientists gathering in Sendai, Japan, for a scientific conference about a possible future particle physics project in Japan to complement the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and its upgrade at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, reaffirmed their commitment to engage in the construction and scientific exploitation of the International Linear Collider (ILC) as a global project. Having expressed their strong support for the scientific justification of the International Linear Collider through a statements in 2015 and 2018, the Linear Collider Collaboration (LCC) and participants to the International Workshop for Future Linear Colliders 2019 (LCWS2019) in Sendai, Japan, reconfirm the scientific importance of the ILC and expressed their commitment to make the ILC a success.




1 November 2019


Statement towards the realisation of the ILC: ‘Sendai Statement’

Scientists from many countries and regions are now gathered at the International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders (LCWS2019) in Sendai, Japan. Together with colleagues from around the world we hereby issue the ‘Sendai Statement’:


We reaffirm the importance of ILC construction.

In statements at previous LCWS meetings we have called for the construction of a Higgs Boson Factory as the essential next step towards understanding the Universe. This proposal has become even more compelling in light of the most recent results from the CERN Large Hadron Collider. In March 2019 the International Committee on Future Accelerators confirmed this as the international consensus for the next global project.


The ILC design is mature and ready for implementation.

The key superconducting acceleration technology has been successfully demonstrated in the European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser (XFEL) in Germany and prototypes have also been developed in Japan, China and the USA. Consequently, the cost estimate is on a sound technical basis. The critical technology required for achieving its design performance has been developed and demonstrated at the KEK Accelerator Test Facility. The ILC design allows the flexibility for it to be upgraded in the future to reach even higher energy and luminosity. The long, productive research programme of the initial phase can be extended by exercising this flexibility.


We have strong support from the local community.

The Japanese Government’s continuing interest in the ILC within MEXT and related ministries and agencies expressed at the ICFA/LCB meeting in March 2019 is highly appreciated as its first official statement. Researchers around the world are also very grateful for the strong and continuous support provided by Japanese Diet members. In addition, through the entire period of this workshop, we have felt the strong support and enthusiasm for the realisation of ILC from the Japanese community, particularly in the Tohoku area, as well as Japanese industry.


We are committed to making the ILC a success.

Given the ILC’s scientific importance, its technical maturity, and the strong support for realizing it in Japan, we, the international community participating in LCWS2019 in Sendai, as well as our colleagues around the world working on ILC, reaffirm our commitment to engage in the construction and scientific exploitation of the ILC as a global project.


Scientists attending LCWS2019

on behalf of the global Linear Collider Collaboration

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