Status update for the autumn workshop in Japan

| 31 January 2021

The ILC International Development Team (IDT) will hold a workshop, Towards ILC Expressions of Interest, in October 2021 in Tsukuba, Japan, with focus on the experimental programme of the International Linear Collier (ILC). The main goal of the workshop is to start shaping the physics programme of the ILC through the oral presentations of ideas for ILC experiments in a form of expressions of interest (EoI’s) by the physics community.

Presentations on the experiments at any stage of development will be encouraged to ensure full exploitation of the ILC physics potential by considering a diverse set of experiments. The workshop will provide an opportunity for ideas at an early stage to build up collaborations and to elaborate further the experimental concepts. This workshop will also be an occasion for well-established groups to refine their experimental setups benefiting from the recent detector R&D and expanding community interest in the ILC. In addition, IDT activities and political developments, as well as local area activities and community efforts in Japan, should be presented. A small number of sessions on the ILC accelerator issues is also foreseen.

Currently, the workshop is planned to be face-to-face by assuming that the COVID situation will be normalised by the time of the meeting. As the venue, the Epochal Tsukuba International Congress Centre is foreseen. Since there is a finite probability that the COVID situation may not be fully resolved in time, an option of holding the workshop in a hybrid mode with remote participation is envisaged.

See more information in this document.

Tatsuya Nakada, Chair of ILC-IDT Executive Board

Tatsuya Nakada

Tatsuya Nakada (EPFL) is the Chair of Executive Board in the ILC International Development Team.
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