Director's Corner

ILC Pre-Lab preparation on the accelerator

by Shinichiro Michizono

Let’s talk cavities and cryomodules! Accelerator Director Shin Michizono brings us up to date with the latest developments on the ILC machine as well as plans and tests for the next phase, leading to the next big milestone, the Engineering Design Report.

Around the World

New organisation in Tohoku, the ILC’s potential host region

by Rika Takahashi

Making the Tohoku area a welcoming place for the ILC and those who will live there – that is the goal of the newly established Tohoku ILC Project Development Center. It comprises 22 academic and local organisations in the north east of Japan. Atsuto Suzuki, president of the Iwate Prefectural University and former director general of KEK chairs the organisation. 


From CERN Courier: ILC: beyond the Higgs

by Jenny List, Jan Strube and Tomohiko Tanabe

The high-luminosity, polarised beams of the proposed International Linear Collider and the triggerless operation of its detectors offer rich physics opportunities beyond its Higgs-factory programme.

In the News

  • from Iwate Nippo
    19 February 2021


  • from India Educational Diary
    18 February 2021

    Even before the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland detected the elusive subatomic particle known as the Higgs boson in 2012, scientists around the world were already hard at work planning for the next particle accelerator. Arguably some of the most sophisticated scientific machines on the planet, these engineering marvels take decades to plan, build, test, and start.Such is the case for the proposed International Linear Collider, or ILC.

  • from Asahi Shimbun
    12 February 2021

    村山斉の時空自在<45> 国際リニアコライダー(ILC)計画が注目されるのにはわけがある。この大型施設の大きな目標は二つ。一つは「母なる」暗黒物質を探すこと。もう一つは「空気のような」ヒッグス粒子の実体を詳しくつかむこと。どちらも私たちのルーツを探す旅だ。

  • from Sputnik News
    11 February 2021

    Although the new generation of accelerators, such as International Linear Collider, the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC), and the Future Circular Collider, may deal with this challenge, the researchers believe that it can be spotted when observing gravitational waves.

    10 February 2021

    (This article introduce the Tohoku area, the candidate construction site of the ILC) Winter is here. Nothing better than the view of freshly snowcapped mountains with the backdrop of pale sunset hues of pinks and blues, or relaxing in the outdoor hot springs as the crisp air turns the water droplets on your hair to ice, or, lounging around all day watching the TV from the warmth of a “Kotatsu” (table with a heat source).

  • from ilc news
    9 February 2021


  • from Physics Today
    9 February 2021

    Higgs-kun, a ghostlike blue avatar of the boson, promotes the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC) in its planned home, Japan’s northern Iwate Prefecture. Hookun and Higgs-kun appear as electronic stickers in the popular messaging app LINE, and people dressed in life-size costumes regularly visit schools and events.—- The latest series of the long-running manga Kosaku Shima sees the titular businessman involved in the ILC’s development.

  • from Nikkei
    8 February 2021


  • from Film Dairy
    4 February 2021

    Now that experts have somewhat of a lead on this proposed particle that may lead to a new, fifth dimension, the search for the particle has begun. Vice announced that it “might be detectable for a new generation of proposed colliders, such as the “International Linear Collider, the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC), and the Future Circular Collider”.

    28 January 2021

    This year, Iwate kept continuing its support of preparations to bring the ILC to Japan, working with our counterparts across the world as the ILC moves towards the preparatory phase.

  • from Asahi Shimbun
    28 January 2021

    村山斉の時空自在<44> このコラムで何度か触れた大型粒子加速器「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」を日本に建設する話が世界で盛り上がっている。