ILCX: hybrid or fully online

| 27 July 2021

Poster for the ILCX 2021 workshop.

We have been planning for the coming ILCX 2021 workshop from 26 to 29 October 2021. We have a preliminary graphics for the poster and Local Organising Committee is working hard to understand logistics.

Last week, Local Organising Committee and IDT Executive Board made the decision to hold the workshop either in the hybrid mode or fully online. The COVID situation is still precarious especially with the new delta variant, and it seemed prudent not to push for a fully in-person meeting in the current situation.

The time table of the workshop is setup to maximise attendance of plenary sessions from many parts of the world. We left the decision between a hybrid or fully online format till early September. By then, we will know whether Japan accepts vaccine passport to avoid the quarantine, or how she survived the summer Olympic games. In the mean time, we will open the registration soon. Not knowing the final format, we will not charge the registration fee for the moment.

Please go ahead and register. For the hybrid case, we have reserved rooms on site at KEK, and we also plan for an excursion to the Tohoku region on Oct 25, as well as a KEK facility tour in the mornings. Now is the time to dream up for new ideas of experiments at the ILC facility!

Time table of the ILCX 2021 workshop.

Hitoshi Murayama

Hitoshi Murayama leads the Physics and Detectors efforts as WG3 Chair of the ILC International Development Team.
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