Invitation to join the SiD Consortium for the ILC

and | 27 July 2021

SiD detector. (Image: Marco Oriunno)

The SiD Detector is one of two major detector designs for the future International Linear Collider (ILC). SID features a compact, cost-constrained design for precision Higgs, top and other measurements, and sensitivity to a wide range of possible new phenomena. Since SiD has been validated by the International Detector Advisory Group there have been significant technological advances that offer opportunities enhancement and refinement of the SiD design.

The SiD Consortium is very open to new ideas and new colleagues who would like to contribute to our detector and physics studies and to push technology forward. For the detector design there are, for instance, opportunities in the areas of:

  •   Tracking detector – a MAPS-based version is being developed
  •   Electromagnetic Calorimeter – a digital version is under study
  •   Timing layers to assist in Particle Flow reconstruction
  •   Superconducting coil – potential new conductor(s)

 For physics studies there are opportunities in, for example:

  •  ZH, H -> invisible
  •  Higgs CP violation in tau pairs
  •  Higgs to Long-Lived Dark Photons
  •  Higgs Self-coupling at 500, 1000 GeV

 or, please propose your own study – all ideas welcome!

 We welcome participation from physicists at all levels, from graduate students through senior colleagues.

 To join SiD as an individual, institution or a guest member please see: SiD webpage


On behalf of the SiD Consortium

Marcel Stanitzki and Andy White

SiD Spokespersons

Andy White

SiD Spokesperson

Marcel Stanitzki

SiD spokesperson
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