Director's Corner

New tasks for the International Development Team

by Tatsuya Nakada

If things had gone according to plan, the ILC would now be in its Pre-lab phase and the mandate for the International Development Team (IDT) concluded. But situation changes and plans need to be adjusted. Over the next year, IDT will strengthen efforts for advances in technology and preparation through a new network of laboratories around the world. Additionally, a newly formed group of experts will discuss intensively how a truly global accelerator project should be realised and seek a dialog with government authorities.

Around the World

U.S. Particle Physicists Meet in Seattle for the Snowmass Community Summer Study

by Andy Lankford

With 700 in-person attendees, the U.S. particle physics community discussed science questions and opportunities for its future at the University of Washington in Seattle during its Snowmass Community Summer Study. As the priority for the intermediate term, the vision for the future of the Energy Frontier calls for the fastest path towards a “Higgs factory” as a global partnership, and discussion recognized the ILC as the most technically-ready future Higgs factory candidate.

Image of the week

Photos from Snowmass

The workshop pictures that used to be the norm are finally back! With 700 attendees, the lively face-to-face discussion returned to the community. Here are some photos from Snowmass Workshop by Keita Yumino, KEK.

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