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Decision to host: the ILC chicken or egg story

by Tatsuya Nakada

While cooperation in technology is advancing with CERN joining the ILC Technology Network, and the ILC being generally ready to start further development work, there’s a lack of progress on political aspects like international discussions at a governmental level, the International Committee for Future Accelerators learnt at the recent meeting in Australia. IDT Chair Tatsuya Nakada reports on the ILC aspects.

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KEK and CERN conclude agreement on R&D for ILC

On 7 July, KEK and CERN signed an agreement to support the development of the ILC Technology Network(ITN). This new framework of R&D will focus on ITN-specific technology developments and studies in Europe, with CERN acting as a coordinating and facilitating hub.

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Shoji Asai selected as next Director General at KEK

On September 8, KEK announced that Shoji Asai, Director of the International Center for Elementary Particle Physics (ICEPP) at the University of Tokyo, was selected as the candidate for the next Director General. His term starts on 1 April 2024.

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    2 September 2023

    China is set to venture into the complex world of particle physics with the construction of the Super Tau-Charm Facility (STCF), a groundbreaking particle collider that will delve deep into the mysteries of the universe.

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    Scientists in China are embarking on a project to construct a new particle collider, the Super Tau-Charm Facility (STCF), with the aim of testing the Standard Model of particle physics in greater detail.

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    Tohoku University has been selected as the first candidate for substantial government research grants aimed at elevating Japanese research institutes to the top of the global rankings, the education ministry said Friday.

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    1 September 2023

    A linear collider is appealing because it could operate as a Higgs factory during its initial stage, while maintaining a clear path for future energy upgrades. Proposed linear-collider Higgs factories are designed for greater compactness, energy efficiency and sustainability, with lowered construction and operation costs compared to circular machines.

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    After years spent languishing in obscurity, proposals for a muon collider are regaining momentum among particle physicists

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