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Kaoru Yokoya leads LC Office at KEK

Kaoru Yokoya
As Fumihiko Takasaki steps down as the Asian Regional Director of the International Linear Collider to become the director of the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies at KEK, he also steps down as the head of the Linear Collider Promotion Office, or LC Office, at KEK. His successor at the LC Office is Kaoru Yokoya, an accelerator physicist who has been working for the linear collider for more than twenty years.

"The main role of the LC Office is to determine and coordinate the linear collider program at KEK," says Yokoya. The task includes optimization and monitoring of the LC-related R&D programs at KEK, budget over sighting, coordination of participation by KEK members in GDE efforts including overseas trips, and reporting to the directorate and executive meetings at KEK.

Yokoya also points out that there is an international aspect of the office activities. With the initiative of Mitsuaki Nozaki who became the GDE Asian Regional Director starting this April 2006, the LC office handles both domestic and international issues on the ILC. "Both Nozaki and I work as members of the GDE Executive Committee,” Yokoya says. "While Nozaki is responsible for acting as the pipeline between the GDE Executive Committee and the Asian Regional Team, I am mainly responsible with respect to the KEK team whose work cannot go without international collaborations. The two of us will work very closely together in whatever way will be suitable at each moment."

-- Youhei Morita and Nobuko Kobayashi

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Polarized Positrons Workshop
26-28 April 2006

Linear Collider Forum of America Industrialization Meeting
1-2 May 2006

HEP Forum
Cosener's House, UK
6-7 May 2006

European GDE meeting
10 May 2006 (16:00)

ILC positron source meeting
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
BINP, Novosibirk, Russia
10-12 May 2006

Electron Accelerator R&D for the Energy Frontier
LAL Orsay, France
15-17 May 2006

International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders
Sokendai, Graduate School for Advanced Studies
Hayama, Japan
19-27 May 2006

InterAction Meeting on ILC
29-30 May 2006

ILC Communicators Meeting
31 May 2006

ILC VTX Workshop at Ringberg
Ringberg Castle, Lake Tegernsee, Germany
28-31 May 2006

Second ATF2 Project Meeting
30 May-1 June 2006

CALOR 2006
12th International Conference on Calorimetry in High Energy Physics
Chicago, USA
5-9 June 2006

Vancouver Linear Collider Workshop
Vancouver, Canada
19-22 July 2006

ILC GDE Meeting
Vancouver, Canada
19-22 July 2006

Single Crystal Niobium Technology Workshop (pdf)
Araxá mine in Brazil
30 October-1 November 2006
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ILC GDE Meeting
Valencia, Spain
6-10 November 2006

Feature Story
Designing the Perfect Cryomodule for the ILC

The current proposal for the 4th generation cryomodule.
Using state-of-the-art technology, cryomodules are vessels that contain superconducting cavities in a linear accelerator. Inside the module, liquid helium cools the cavities to -271° C, only slightly warmer than the coldest possible temperature. The superconducting cavities operate at these super-cool temperatures, pumping more and more energy into the particles that are moving at nearly the speed of light inside the accelerator.

Because the ILC will require 2000 cryomodules, the design team must consider two very important factors: manufacturability and cost. Achieving this perfect balance requires many design iterations, leading to several generations of cryomodules. Each generation builds and improves on the last version, moving closer to the right design for the ILC. While the 3rd generation cryomodule was manufactured and tested at DESY under the TESLA collaboration, an international team is already working on the 4th generation cryomodule for the ILC.

-- Elizabeth Clements

Feature Story
Linear Collider Forum of America Hosts Next ILC Industrialization Meeting at SLAC

At the first LCFOA meeting, attendees received a tour of the ILC test area at Fermilab.
The Linear Collider Forum of America, a not-for-profit industrial forum, will hold its spring 2006 meeting at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) in Menlo Park, CA on 1-2 May. Speakers will include Barry Barish, Director ILC Global Design Effort; Gerry Dugan, GDE Regional Director for the Americas; and Jonathan Dorfan, Director SLAC. Additional speakers from the national laboratories, universities and the Department of Energy have been invited to address the group. Separate focus areas will be set up to discuss the key technology challenges of the ILC.

A lot has happened since the last industry forum at Fermilab in September: The ILC received an increase from $30M to $60M in the Administration's budget request submitted to Congress for FY 2007. The President's American Competitiveness Initiative calls for a doubling the Federal commitment to the most critical basic research programs in the physical sciences over the next ten years. The Department of Energy's FY06 budget for the physical sciences is $3.5B. A baseline configuration document (BCD) for the ILC has been completed and placed under configuration management control. And work on the Reference Design Report (RDR) is well under way. The latest news about the ILC is available online.

-- Ken Olsen, President of the LCFOA

In the News
From The Indian Express
7 April 2006
Get India's R&D priorities right
"...What's more, the proposal that we participate, technically and financially, in ILC follows close on the heels of the government agreeing to do likewise in the International Thermonuclear Reactor (ITER)..."

11 April 2006
Fermilab future remains unclear
"...The Department of Energy has named Fermilab as its preferred site for building the International Linear Collider (ILC), a 20-mile-long underground tunnel in which scientists could smash particles into each other at close to light speed and discover things unknowable with today's technology..."

From Fermilab Today
10 April 2006
Bodman addresses safety, the ILC, and the future of U.S. science
"Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman's All-Hands Meeting at Fermilab emphasized safety, U.S. scientific leadership and the future of Fermilab..."
Director's Corner

Lost in Translation
Every Thursday, I get up very early, in order to chair a weekly telecon of our GDE Executive Committee. At the same moment, my colleagues are joining the call in the late afternoon in Europe and near midnight in Japan. We deal with the top-level GDE policy issues and decisions. To facilitate the meetings, we have a formal agenda and weekly minutes. But, despite our substantial organizational efforts and our familiarity with each other, we still have communication issues. In particular, we are not all native English speakers, and all too often there is something "lost in translation." This problem is repeated in different forms throughout our work in the GDE, and also it is a problem in broader society when dealing with multiple languages.

From "A Welsh View" January 16, 2006
"The sign above is one of the many bilingual signs that can be found in Wales. The above is obviously in English and the bottom is in Welsh. Usually the Welsh and English mean the same thing, but as I don't speak Welsh, I can never be sure that they do.

It turns out that not all signs do say the same thing. The sign above says 'Look Right' in English but in Welsh says 'Look Left'!

The sign was spotted by a North Wales man on a visit to Cardiff."

An interesting comment followed from a reader:

"Maybe they want English people to get killed or something."

As we have become more aware of the language problem in the GDE for non-native English speakers, we are trying to mitigate the problem. There is no single magic fix to this problem, but obvious things like speaking slower, identifying which individuals are the hardest to understand, and maybe most importantly just recognizing the problem will help us overcome the problem.

The subtlety of the issue we are dealing with was recently the subject of a scene from the recent movie, "Lost in Translation," directed by Sofia Coppola. In that movie, which takes place in Japan, the character Bob, played by Bill Murray, is shooting a commercial and is communicating with the Japanese director through a translator.

--Barry Barish

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Register for the Vancouver Linear Collider Workshop
On behalf of the ALCPG and GDE, the Local Organizing Committee of the Vancouver Linear Collider Workshop, invites you to the July 2006 joint meeting of the American Linear Collider Physics Group and the International Linear Collider Global Design Effort - organized by TRIUMF. The workshop will be held on the Campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, from Wednesday July 19 to Saturday July 22, with satellite meetings on July 18th and July 23.
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