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Superconductivity in ILC NewsLine

5 May 2011 Look back on superconducting technology's contribution to the International Linear Collider and particle physics in back issues of ILC NewsLine. 22 April 2010 Superconducting cavities could help reducing nuclear waste radio-toxicity 28 January 2010 Successful beginning of S1 global at KEK 26 February 2009 Past successes in superconducting RF are a good omen for the ILC 6 December 2007 ILC challenges materials science 22 June 2005 Superconducting RF - a technological basis for the ILC

Statement of Support

17 March 2011 We at ILC NewsLine offer our condolences to our friends and colleagues in Japan, who have endured great loss from last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami. Our thoughts are with you during this tragic time.
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