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ILC Science Club kick off

9 July 2015

From 1 June 2015, Japanese cable TV, Tokyo Cable Network (TCN) started to broadcast the new program “ILC科学少年団 (ILC Science Kids club).” This program is jointly produced by TCN and Advance Accelerator Association promoting science and technology (AAA), Japan’s industry-academia-government collaboration based on advanced accelerator technology.

The program is a situation-drama featuring the Tomoyuki Sanuki from Tohoku University as “Uncle Tomo,” who wil teach his nephew, Haru (Haruto Shimazaki) about how the world scientists tackling to solve the mysteries of the universe using cutting-edge accelerator.

In Episode 1, Haru meets Uncle Tomo, and finds out that there is a experimental devise called “accelerator” to solve the mysteries of the universe. The program is available on YouTube with English subtitles. Please turn the closed caption “On” to see the subtitles.

Check out the new Episode 2 just started to broadcast on 1 July, too! TCN plans to produce the series until March next year.

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