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KEK’s science comic features the ILC

| 10 March 2016

For future physicists: the KEK's Kasoku kids comic now features the ILC.

For future physicists: the KEK’s Kasoku kids comic now features the ILC.

Japan’s KEK laboratory has featured a series of a science comic called “Kasoku Kids” on its website since December 2008. This public relation tool has proven to work quite effectively to make new particle physics fans, especially very young children. KEK staff met some of real-life Kasoku Kids at the open house: They had memorised all the lines in the comics!

From December 2015 to March 2016, KEK is publishing a new special series about the LC. LC NewsLine will provide an English version monthly from this issue. Enjoy!

The English version of the first story was featured in Symmetry Magazine, but most of them are available in Japanese only.

Find the English version of the ILC special here.


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