Two workshops 2021 – Please mark your calendars

, and | 24 December 2020

The 2021 International Workshop on Linear Colliders (LCWS 2021) will be arranged by Europe/CERN as a remote meeting from15 to 19 March  next year. Similar to the past meetings, it will cover the physics, detector, and accelerator studies of ILC and CLIC. The meeting will be at a timely moment since the European Strategy for Particle Physics Update has been published and its implementation started. Also, the ILC International Development Team and its working groups have been set up and detailed plans for the ILC Pre-lab are being made. In parallel, the Snowmass process is on-going. This workshop will be followed by individual more specialized ones for ILC and CLIC in the autumn 2021. We are looking forward to “seeing” you all in March.

The ILC International Development Team (IDT) will hold a workshop, Towards ILC Expressions of Interest, in October 2021 in Tsukuba, Japan, with focus on the experimental programme of the ILC. The main meeting will take place from 26 to 29  October with an optional tour to the ILC candidate site in the Tohoku region of Japan, as well as satellite meetings before and after the main meeting. The discussion will be centred around the steps toward the Expressions of Interest for the experiments at the ILC. It will also include discussions of recent developments in detector technology and provide updated information about the Pre-lab planning and the general status of the ILC project. Further details will follow soon.

Tatsuya Nakada

Tatsuya Nakada (EPFL) is the Chair of Executive Board in the ILC International Development Team.

Hitoshi Murayama

Hitoshi Murayama leads the Physics and Detectors efforts as WG3 Chair of the ILC International Development Team.

Steinar Stapnes

Steinar Stapnes is the European Representative in the ILC International Development Team's Executive Board.
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