Call for participation in Physics & Detector WG3

| 19 April 2021

Two detector concepts- SiD(left) and ILD(right) Image: Rey. Hori

Two detector concepts- SiD(left) and ILD(right)
Image: Rey.Hori

The IDT Working Group on Physics & Detector activities (WG3) would like to invite the community to engage in the ILC studies.

WG3 aims to raise awareness and interest in the ILC development and expand the community, support newcomers to get involved in physics and detector studies, encourage new ideas for experimentations at the ILC.

The WG3 Steering Group consists of the coordinator (WG3 Chair), two deputy coordinators, subgroup conveners, and additional members of the Steering Group.

The four subgroups of WG3 are: (1) Machine-Detector Interface Subgroup, (2) Detector and Technology R&D Subgroup, (3) Software and Computing Subgroup, (4) Physics Potential and Opportunities Subgroup.

The studies provide crucial information about the physics and detectors to the final engineering design of the machine as well as infrastructure and lead up to Expressions of Interest for collider and non-collider experiments. The participation is completely open to anybody interested in the particle physics community.

You can find the mandate adopted for the WG3 at The members of the leadership are listed at You are encouraged to contact convenors of the subgroup of your interest. We look forward to having you involved!

Hitoshi Murayama

Hitoshi Murayama leads the Physics and Detectors efforts as WG3 Chair of the ILC International Development Team.
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