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Thanks, Peter!

| 4 August 2011

Peter Garbincius

In 2005, I appointed three cost engineers, Wilhelm Bialowons (DESY), Tetsuo Shidara (KEK) and Peter Garbincius (Fermilab) to work together to develop the methodology and to perform an international VALUE costing of the reference design for the ILC.  Peter and his cost engineering colleagues did an outstanding job of costing the ILC as a global project in a way that the costs were understandable internationally. In addition, Peter has been serving as a member of the Executive Committee of the GDE, actively participating in all organisational and policy making activities. He has recently moved to other duties within Fermilab, and though this move is a significant loss, we are very fortunate that Gerry Dugan of Cornell University has agreed to step in to take over Peter’s responsibilities for the costing for the Technical Design Report (TDR).

The task facing the GDE cost engineers is exceptionally challenging because of the fact that a linear collider is a new type of accelerator, having many new features and challenges, and in particular because it is a global project. For example: the key technology is under development through a multi-year R&D programme; the accelerator design itself is evolving with a new baseline for the TDR; the global model for implementing construction is not well defined; the site is unknown. The list of challenges goes on.

Yet, because of the large cost of such a project, we must produce reliable costing. To succeed, the cost engineers have had to work very closely together to ensure that the costing is reliable and applicable globally, to stay connected with the designers and to develop special costing tools. Peter Garbincius has managed this juggling job with impressive skill, as evidenced by the fact that the cost estimates for the Reference Design Report (RDR) were reviewed with very high marks by a prestigious international committee.

Peter became so valuable to our efforts that in 2009 that I appointed him to the GDE Executive Committee, the group that functionally guides the GDE activities, sets policy and makes high-level decisions. As expected, Peter became an essential member of the committee and has participated actively in all its varied activities, from overseeing the worldwide R&D efforts to strategising future activities. Of particular note has been Peter’s active involvement and role in deciding on changes to our baseline for the technical design, especially by providing timely information on cost impacts.

Peter Garbincius in discussion with Gerry Dugan during Baseline Assessment Workshop at SLAC

Peter attended his last GDE meeting last month at Caltech, where we officially transitioned his costing responsibilities to Gerry Dugan. As usual, Peter energetically participated in the many discussions of the plans and subtleties in doing our first costing since the RDR. Much has changed since the 2007 RDR costing: inflationary changes; different exchange rates; modifications to the design; different models for construction. Peter contributed both his vast knowledge and considerable insights to help us launch this new costing effort.

We are very fortunate that we have been able to convince Gerry Dugan to take over the US costing responsibility for TDR costing. He has a long history with the ILC and in doing costing, so the task is in very good hands. Nevertheless, we will badly miss Peter’s vast knowledge and history and his understanding of the importance and keeping costs under control. Peter has a unique style. He truly leads by example through his great energy, dedication and hard work. Interacting with him is always interesting, because he is never shy to question others and he always ‘calls a spade a spade.’ We will miss Peter as part of our team, but wish him the best for the future. I am confident he will be a great asset to Fermilab in his new role as head of the Office of Program and Project Support.

Good luck, Peter!

Barry Barish

Barry Barish is the winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics. He is Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Riverside and Linde Professor, Emeritus at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). From 2005 to 2013 he was Director of the Global Design Effort and, apart from leading the collaboration to the publication of the ILC's Technical Design Report, contributed more than 300 Director's Corners in the ILC Newsline.
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