Director's Corner

GDE position paper on post-TDR

by Barry Barish

In anticipation of completing the Global Design Effort’s final deliverable, the Technical Design Report, by the end of 2012, serious discussions are underway as to the next steps and what will follow. The International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC) is taking primary responsibility for creating a plan. As part of the process, the GDE Executive Committee submitted a position paper to ILCSC for its meeting in Mumbai, India in August. I share our input with our readers today.

Around the World

Globetrotters made of niobium

Accelerator modules for the European XFEL are international

by Ute Wilhelmsen (DESY)

The European XFEL X-ray laser in Hamburg will use accelerator modules of the newest generation. These high-tech devices are operated using superconducting technology at temperatures similar to those in outer space. The concept was developed and brought to practical application by the international TESLA collaboration, led by DESY.


CERN balances linear collider studies

At CERN, gradually formed cooperation between CLIC and the ILC is the way to go

by Leah Hesla

Steinar Stapnes has assumed the title of CERN’s Linear Collider Study Leader, a newly configured position that acknowledges a call for cooperation between the ILC and the laboratory’s well established Compact Linear Collider study. His new post requires him to perform a balancing act that involves two collider concepts, roughly a hundred researchers and a finite number of Swiss francs.

Video of the week

ICFA leaders discuss the ILC

CERN Director General Rolf Heuer, Fermilab Director Pier Oddone and KEK Director General Atsuto Suzuki discuss the state of high-energy physics at the Geneva Press Club's press conference of the International Committee on Future Accelerators.

The lab directors begin directly addressing the press at 6'44.

In the News

  • from TechNewsWorld
    10 October 2011
    Some of the world’s foremost particle physicists say they’re closing in on proving or disproving whether the Higgs boson exists, and they think they’ll have an answer within 12 months.
  • from Nature
    10 October 2011
    The SuperB factory, a particle accelerator to be built on the campus of the University of Rome Tor Vergata over the next six years, was officially launched on Friday. But the project faces uncertain funding and competition from a Japanese project.
  • from International Business Times
    10 October 2011
    A new “science city” may soon emerge with the creation of the International Linear Collider, a new multi-billion dollar particle smasher.
  • from
    6 October 2011
    “We are moving ahead on the research and development in order to be ready when we find something at the LHC,” Heuer told journalists. “The ILC has a more limited energy range than the CLIC but is more mature.”
  • from Brookhaven Today
    30 September 2011
    A haze of dust hangs in the air above Polly and a handful of other physicists and engineers who’ve gathered together to help resurrect the $20-million machine by transporting it hundreds of miles to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois.