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From ICFA : Lyn Evans appointed as Linear Collider Director

The international effort to design the world’s next major particle collider has a new leader. On 20 May 2012, the International Committee for Future Accelerators announced the appointment of CERN's Lyn Evans as the new Linear Collider Director. Evans is the first to hold the new position, which will lead the Linear Collider organisation created to bring two existing large-scale linear collider programmes under one governance. He will be based at CERN.


From Fermilab Today: ICFA appoints Lyn Evans as first Linear Collider Director

The International Committee on Future Accelerators (ICFA) has now taken the next significant step towards unification of the ILC Global Design Effort and the Compact Linear Collider organisation. It has appointed CERN's Lyn Evans to be the overall leader for the combined linear collider programmes. ICFA chair Pier Oddone comments.

Director's Corner

New leadership for the Linear Collider

by Barry Barish

ICFA announced yesterday that Lyn Evans will become the new Linear Collider Director, when the Global Design Effort (GDE) completes the ILC Technical Design Report and thereby its mandate next year. This is very welcome news! Not only is Lyn a superb and exceptionally well-qualified candidate for the job, but his early appointment will give us the opportunity to make a smooth transition.

Video of the week

From mining coal to colliding particles

Lyn Evans talks to the BBC about his life before the Linear Collider

In a 2009 video interview with the BBC, new Linear Collider Director Lyn Evans talks about how he, a miner's son from Wales, became project leader of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. He says that "a random walk of life" brought him from Swansea to CERN, now another (not quite so random) walk of life has delivered a new challenge: uniting the linear collider efforts.

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