Director's Corner

After the TDR: what’s next for ILC?

Today's issue features a Director's Corner from Marc Ross, Project Manager for the Global Design Effort.

by Marc Ross

New machines set new challenges for accelerator experts, and there are a number of challenges that the ILC R&D team has had to face before sitting down to write a convincing Technical Design Report. Beam test facilities in all regions have delivered and are still delivering important results. Project Manager Marc Ross takes stock.

Research Director's Report

Organising the post-2012 era

by Jim Brau

The new Linear Collider Organisation is being planned with a united ILC and CLIC physics and detector effort. This is a natural step, but the devil is in the details. While there has been a lot of fruitful collaboration in the past, there also remain differences that must be considered.

Around the World

The grand unifying 3-D chip

New platform for detector technology brings particle physics and photon science together

by Barbara Warmbein

A new integration technology that could also be used in the ILC detectors will soon serve as a node point for connecting several German and international institutes and universities in the common goal to develop fast, efficient and reliable detector components in the Helmholtz Detector Technology and Systems Platform. The unusual aspect of the collaboration: these detectors are not only for Higgs- and SUSY-hunting apparatus for particle physics, but also for more compact and more targeted devices for use in light sources.

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