Director's Corner

A game plan for producing the ILC Technical Design Report

by Barry Barish

The GDE Executive Committee met in a two-day face-to-face meeting in Melbourne just following ICHEP12. The main order of business was to develop a detailed ‘game plan’ for producing the ILC Technical Design Report.

Research Director's Report

Alea iacta est – the die has been cast

The update of the European strategy process for particle physics

by Juan Fuster

The process towards an updated European Strategy for the future of particle physics is well under way. In preparation for the upcoming Strategy meeting in Kraków, Poland, several generic linear-collider documents as well as many specific to ILC or CLIC have been submitted and will be discussed in September.

Around the World

Physics that goes bang

by Barbara Warmbein

A new stage show based on accelerators and accelerator physics is taking off in Germany this month. Conceived by two ILC scientists at DESY, it shows the basic ingredients of a particle accelerator, complete with all the fun stuff, to schoolchildren ages 12 and up. It even gives a live audience-involving demonstration of the fundamental acceleration principle of the ILC.

Image of the week

Lyn Evans visits DESY

Image: DESY

The designated Linear Collider Director Lyn Evans, who will take up his new role when the ILC Technical Design Report has been officially delivered next summer, is already touring the labs. On Monday and Tuesday he visited DESY to inspect its cavity production facilities and chat to DESY scientists about the future.

In the News

  • from
    12 August 2012

    On réfléchit déjà à des machines géantes, linéaires (pour éviter les pertes par rayonnement à hautes énergies dans les machines circulaires), et qui étudierait des collisions électrons-positrons et non plus protons-protons, car les premières sont beaucoup plus “propres” que celles entre protons qui consistent à faire se rencontrer violemment, des “sacs” de quarks dans une explosion de collisions difficiles à bien étudier. (google translation)

  • from Deutschlandradio
    11 August 2012

    Über die Bedeutung der Teilchenphysik für das Verständnis der Welt
    Gäste: Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Physiker und Generaldirektor des CERN, und Ulrich Woelk, Astrophysiker und Schriftsteller (google translation)

  • from
    10 August 2012

    Een ander punt is dat er al jaren wordt overlegd over een nieuwe deeltjesversneller, die in een rechte in plaats van een cirkelvormige tunnel moet worden gebouwd: de International Linear Collider (ILC). (google translation)

  • from NPR
    10 August

    For fifty years, physicists have flocked to the Aspen Center for Physics to ponder their ideas amidst the serenity of the Rocky Mountains. The string theory revolution started there, and over the years the center has hosted 10,000 theoretical physicists—53 of whom are Nobel laureates.

  • from Nature
    8 August 2012

    Theorists left reeling after billionaire reveals massive prize.

  • from The Huffington Post
    8 August 2012

    But few outside a small community of specialized mathematicians and theoretical physicists know that, in fact, the discovery of the Higgs boson is even more significant than has been popularly explained.