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From CERN Bulletin: From calorimetry to medical imaging: a shining example of successful transfer!

A team at CERN has drawn inspiration from calorimetry methods developed for high-energy physics to create a new positron-emission tomography system for use in medical imaging, which they’ve dubbed AX-PET. With support from European and American laboratories, the project is reaching fruition, as initial tests confirm its promise.

Director's Corner

The US programme reduction

This week's issue features a Director's Corner from Mike Harrison, Americas Regional Director for the Global Design Effort

by Mike Harrison

Americas Regional Director Mike Harrison reinterprets the dramatic reduction of the US ILC budget starting in the next financial year. Find out about US R&D plans and what all this has to do with sausages.

Image of the week

Cavities at your fingertips

Image: ILC, Heiner Müller-Elsner

Are you giving a talk about the ILC, cavities, S(C)RF or linac design and are looking for images that haven't been used a million times? A 17-image series following the life of a cavity from niobium ingot to finished cryomodule is now available on the Interactions image bank.

In the News

  • from Nature
    29 August 2012

    Physicists hope and expect that the LHC will give them some answers over the next few years. But they are already honing their sales pitches for a machine to follow the LHC — a ‘Higgs factory’ that would illuminate such a theory with measurements far more precise than the LHC can provide.

  • from SLAC Today
    28 August 2012

    In a two-day event commemorating the 50th anniversary of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, about 1,000 employees, former employees and university, government and scientific leaders celebrated the lab’s successes and looked ahead to the next great challenges.

  • from
    28 August 2012

    Kilpailevat lineaarikiihdytinehdotukset ovat International Linear Collider (ILC) ja Compact Linear Collider (CLIC). ILC on nimensä mukaisesti kansainvälinen projekti, eikä sen sijoituspaikkaa ole päätetty: se saattaisi tulla Eurooppaan, Yhdysvaltoihin tai Japaniin. (google translation)