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Geometries of a future Higgs factory

21 November 2012

Last week at Fermilab, a select group of experts discussed whether an accelerator to purely exploit the science around the Higgs(-like) particle found at the LHC should be linear, circular or something completely different. The participants compared the options of a linear 250-GeV electron-positron collider and a circular 125 GeV electron-positron collider from the accelerator point of view as well as physics requirements for a Higgs Factory and other options for a Higgs Factory, including a muon collider and a gamma-gamma collider. More about the workshop and an article in symmetry magazine.

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  • wandre says:

    I find production of the Higgs,the most important next step in somehow isolating,and examining how they work,then using
    them in the future to bend space,to me the higgs is they key to the Galaxys ,I am so pleased with the work
    this team and many other physicist around the world did to come to this discovery,Thank you all