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Lyn Evans pays courtesy visit to Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe

Images: Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet

On 27 March, LCC Director Lyn Evans paid a courtesy visit to Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The Prime Minister acknowledged the significance of the linear collider project for the whole of humankind. Given that it is an international project, he said he needed to monitor the development closely and would continue to investigate the role of Japan.


A spin-off of ILC technology – already

by Rika Takahashi

On 15 March, scientists working on the Quantum Beam Technology Program at KEK’s superconducting RF test facility (STF) confirmed the successful generation of X-rays using Inverse Compton Scattering (ICS) with superconducting radiofrequency (SCRF) acceleration technology. This is the world’s first successful implementation of ICS X-ray sources with SCRF technology.

Director's Corner

Le roi est mort, vive le roi ! (*)

by Mike Harrison

The problems of succession to the throne have bedeviled society throughout the ages. For centuries the European approach seemed to involve bloodshed ranging from the personal to the national level. The recent transfer of power in the linear collider world might not have been violent, but it still faces the eternal question of “OK, so where do we go from here?” Here are some thoughts on the ILC programme.


From design to reality

12 June 2013 is a very special day for the ILC community. We are organising a global event, starting in Tokyo, moving to CERN and finally in Fermilab - to celebrate the publication of the Technical Design Report. We have invited VIPs from across the fields of politics, research funding, science and education to hear talks on ILC, public lectures, look to the future and to celebrate with us. However, the most important group is YOU, the people who did the work that made the TDR possible. Mark your calendars and join us for your local event. Please register at

In the News

  • from Nishinippon
    28 March 2013

    「国際リニアコライダー」(ILC)を福岡、佐賀県境の脊振山地に誘致する産学官組織の「ILCアジア−九州推進会議」は27日、都内のホテルで九州・山口選出の国会議員50人に誘致への協力を訴えた。(The association aims to invite ILC to Kyushu area met in Tokyo and asked for the cooperation to the 50 Diet members from Kyushu and Yamaguchi area)

  • from CERN Courier
    28 March 2013

    The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) and the International Linear Collider (ILC) – two studies for next-generation projects to complement the LHC – now belong to the same organization.

  • from Iwate Nippo
    27 March 2013

    北海道東北地方知事会など地方6団体と東北ILC推進協議会は26日、山本一太科学技術担当相や根本匠復興相らにILCの東北誘致に関する要望を行った。山本科学技術担当相は「安倍内閣として方針を定めた上で要望を踏まえて検討したい」と述べた。(Six governors of north east area of Japan together with Tohoku ILC promoting association visited Ichita Yamamoto, Minister for science and technology and Takumi Nemoto, Minister for recovery and asked for the invitation of ILC to the Tohoku area)

  • from Kyodo News
    26 March 2013

    宮城県の村井嘉浩知事は26日、内閣府を訪れ山本一太科学技術担当相と会談、宇宙の謎の解明を目指す次世代加速器「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」を、岩手県の北上山地に誘致するよう要望した。(Miyagi prefecture governor Yoshihiro Murai visited Science & Technology Minister Ichita Yamamoto and asked for the invitation of the ILC to Kitakami mountains)

  • from Physics Today
    24 March 2013

    Japan’s Advanced Accelerator Association for Promoting Science and Technology, whose members include nearly 100 companies, is actively campaigning for the ILC. “It would bring jobs,” says Masanori Matsuoka, manager of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and secretary general of the AAA. “This project is very important to realize innovation in Japan.” The AAA estimates that construction alone would infuse the host region with up to $22 billion.

  • from Voice of America
    23 March 2013

    While the technology for the new International Linear Collider might be developed at Fermilab in the United States, engineering physicist Elvin Harms said that if it is approved, it might not be built there.

  • from Tanko Nichinichi Shimbun
    22 March 2013

    わくわく感をかきたてられるのが、ILC関連のパンフレットに描かれたコンピューターグラフィックス(CG)。その画像の多くには、片隅に小さく「(C)Rey.Hori/KEK」と書かれている。(ILC related illustrations excites our curiosity. Many of those are credited with the name “Rey Hori”)

  • from Sigma-not
    March 2013

    W tej chwili najdłuższym akceleratorem liniowym jest ok. 3 km maszyna w Stanford (SLAC) o energii 50 GeV. Maszyna ILC – Międzynarodowy Zderzacz Liniowy (International Linear Collider) jest jednym z obecnie opracowywanych projektów podwójnego akceleratora liniowego e+e-, o docelowej energii kolizji wiązek elektronowej i pozytronowej ponad 1 TeV. (google translation)