Director's Corner

The ECFA LC2013 workshop

This week's issue features a Director's Corner from Juan Fuster (IFIC-Valencia), chair of the Programme Committee of the European Linear Collider Workshop ECFA LC2013

by Juan Fuster

The European Linear Collider workshop, taking place in Hamburg from 27 to 31 May, coincides with very many important strategic processes at Japan, Europe and US, all of them nourished by the optimistic results from the LHC. Juan Fuster, chair of the workshop programme committee, explains the scientific and political context of the meeting.

Around the World

Setting the course for European particle physics

Strategy for particle physics adopted by CERN Council in Brussels

by Barbara Warmbein

On 30 May, at a special meeting hosted by the European Commission in Brussels, the CERN Council formally adopted the update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics. This strategy sets the course for the future of this research field in Europe, making recommendations for projects and research sectors to be pursued with priority, both the near-term and the long-term future.

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Hiking like an electron

Three DESY scientists tackle a charity trailwalk in Japan

by Barbara Warmbein

Hiking for charity can be a bit like particle acceleration, say three DESY scientist who walked an Oxfam Trailwalk in Japan in May. Beta functions, final focus, samurais and a shrouded Mount Fuji were all part of their two-day adventure.


Impressions from Hamburg

Images: DESY

How do you keep a bunch of physicists and engineers entertained? Give them a sense of accomplishment ("we've finished the Technical Design Report!"), a challenge ("how can we tackle the problems of the next phase?"), a sense of momentum (good signals from Japan for potentially hosting the ILC). And a bag of gummy bears. This year's first big linear collider workshop, ECFA LC2013, is in full swing at DESY in Hamburg, and more than 300 people are busy discussing results and the future. Here are some impressions.

In the News

  • from Yomiuri Shimbun
    24 May 2013

    経済同友会の第26回全国経済同友会セミナーが23日、盛岡市の盛岡グランドホテルで2日間の日程で開会した。高橋真裕岩手経済同友会代表幹事(岩手銀頭取)は、(中略)復興を加速させる新産業創出の目玉として、国際リニアコライダー(ILC)誘致の必要性をアピールした。The 26th meeting of the Association of Corporate Executives was held on 23 May in Morioka, Iwate. Masahiro Takahashi, Chairman of the Association of Corporate Executives of Iwate prefecture stressed the importance of the invitation of the ILC to Tohoku area as a driving force for the recovery which will create new industry)

  • from Deutschlandfunk
    24 May 2013

    Aber ein durchaus heikler Plan. Denn er stellt ein anderes, lange geplantes Megaprojekt der Teilchenforschung in Frage – den ILC, einen 20 km langen Linearbeschleuniger für Elektronen.

  • from Sankei Shimbun
    24 May 2013

    北海道・東北六県議会議長会議が23日、仙台市内で開かれ、次世代加速器「国際リニアコライダー」(ILC)の東北誘致を求める決議案を全会一致で可決した。(The prefectural assembly chairmans of six prefectures in north east area and Hokkaido met on 23 May in Sendai, Miyagi, and the resolution to request the invitation of the ILC to Tohoku area was unanimously approved.)

  • from Fashion headline
    23 May 2013

    24日から29日まで、原宿の「トーキョー・カルチャート・バイ・ビームス(TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS)」にて、チームラボ制作の動画作品「脊振(せふり)ILCハイスクール」を元にした「脊振ILC展」が開催される。(From 24 to 29 May, the “ILC Sefuri” exhibition will be held at TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS. )

  • from RKB News
    23 May 2013

    ILC=国際リニアコライダーの誘致を目指す佐賀県の古川知事は、スイスにある同じような国際研究施設を視察した報告で、今後は国としての取り組みが重要になるとの考えを示しました。(Saga prefecture governor Furukawa said at the briefing on his visit to CERN, that the Japanese government’s effort will be the key for the realisation of the ILC)

  • from
    20 May 2013

    Several countries aim to host one of these international physics collaborations, and two regions in Japan have created marketing videos to garner support for a future ILC site. With the same goal in mind, both regions took radically different approaches to their video projects.