The ILC at a glance 2

A new version of the ILC animation is released

| 8 August 2013

Schematic view of the ILC machine. Image: ILC/Rey.Hori

What will the ILC look like? How big is its linear accelerator? How would you describe a particle collision? The new ILC animation “The ILC in 2 minutes” helps explain and schematise the ILC operation. This longer version now includes the latest machine and detector design and also comes with optional sound and various languages subtitles.

The first schematic part – showing the basic principle of two linear accelerators facing each other and of two beams colliding in the centre, is now more descriptive, explicitly showing the sizes of the accelerator parts, and the damping rings location has been modified. A new sequence presents the two ILD and SiD detectors and a schematic view of the push-pull system, which will allow to switch between detectors. Then the animation dives into the (now-single) ILC tunnel and follows one beam till the final collision. The detector and final focus area has been reworked also. The author of the animation, illustrator and web designer Rey.Hori, worked in closed collaboration with ILC scientists from both accelerator and detector field and with ILC and the communicators. Rey.Hori is well-known in the ILC community for his truly realistic artworks — all derived from computed aided designs. He’s been working with KEK (Japan) since 2004.

Schematic view of the ILC detector push-pull system. Image: ILC/Rey.Hori

This animation manages to show the whole ILC in just over two minutes, so it can be built into talks very easily to grab the viewers’ attention. You can view it on our ILCTV Youtube Channel (make sure to subscribe to receive our latest videos). You can also download it in handy and light formats on our ILC animation page with or without sound and subtitles. Description is so far available in English, Japanese, Chinese, French and German (you may activate the Youtube subtitle option to view them). This longer version is mainly released for the press as we know how TV broadcasters, journalists and bloggers love animations and images to go along with their interviews and reports.

This latest version is aimed to serve as a stand-alone tool to communicate the ILC project. You are very welcome to put it on your websites and to show it publicly during talks and exhibitions. Please make sure that you credit it with “©ILC, Rendered and Authored by Rey.Hori.” The animation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence, which roughly means one can use, transmit, and adapt the work, as long the author is credited and that it is not used for commercial purposes. Any new work based upon this animation must be licensed under the same conditions.

Make sure to also check the Linear Collider background information page for more videos, images and fact sheets about the ILC and CLIC projects. Another video, authored by Sandbox for Symmetry Magazine, and explaining the differences between the ILC and the LHC to a broad audience, is now available in four languages on Youtube. We look forward to adding more languages in the future. If you wish to translate this video or the ILC 2-minute animation into another language, please contact the communicators.

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  • Rey.Hori (M.Horiuchi) says:

    Dear Communicators and Editors,

    I am very glad and proud to see you presenting my latest ILC animation in this site and YouTube channel at last. Thank you. I hope more researchers and communicators use this animation for their presentations.

    Now I am waiting for offers or orders from you or researchers about making new artworks and/or animations not only for ILC but for CLIC!