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Japanese candidate site for ILC will be announced on 23 August

| 22 August 2013

Follow the selection of the Japanese candidate site live.

The site evaluation committee of Japan, set up under the Japan ILC Strategy Council, will hold a press conference on 23 August 2013, at 9:30 a.m. Japan Standard Time (2.30 a.m. Central Europe and 7:30 p.m. Chicago) to announce the site selected as candidate site for the ILC. The ILC Strategy Council is an organisation established in 2012 by leading Japanese scientists to promote the linear collider project as a pan-Japanese community effort.

A search for an appropriate candidate site for ILC construction in Japan started in the late 90s. In 2003, scientists identified about a dozen possible construction sites, which were then narrowed down to two in 2010: one site in Kitakami (Iwate and Miyagi prefectures) and one in Sefuri (Saga and Fukuoka prefectures). The committee has now made the final choice from these two remaining sites in order to focus the design efforts and will announce their choice tomorrow. The evaluation was based on geology and other technical aspects, as well as socio-environmental issues and infrastructures.

The speakers at the press conference are Kiyotomo Kawagoe (Co-chair, Site Evaluation Committee of Japan), Hitoshi Yamamoto (Co-chair, Site Evaluation Committee of Japan), Lyn Evans (Director, Linear Collider Collaboration) by remote connection and Mike Harrison (ILC Director, Linear Collider Collaboration).

The following experts also present on site for questions:

Sachio Komamiya (Chair, Linear Collider Board), Satoru Yamashita (Chair, ILC Strategy Council), Hitoshi Murayama (Deputy Director, Linear Collider Collaboration) and Brian Foster (Regional Director for Europe in the Linear Collider Collaboration).

Live web streaming of the press conference will be available here:

Consecutive interpretation will be provided.

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  • Howie Baer says:

    Yahoo! Go for it!

    The world needs the ILC. Kudos to Japan for taking leadership here.
    Forging ahead with ILC will keep Japan in the forefront of science and technology in the 21st century.
    I can’t wait to see event displays of both Higgs and higgsinos!