Director's Corner

The CLIC 2014 workshop at CERN

by Steinar Stapnes

As the worldwide linear collider community comes together during the LCWS 2013 meeting in Tokyo next week, the CLIC collaboration has already started to plan their next major event, the 2014 CLIC workshop at CERN from 3 to 7 February. Steinar Stapnes, Associate Director for the Compact Linear Collider Study, reports.


From concept to consortium

SiD workshop at SLAC

by SiD spokespersons Marcel Stanitzki and Andy White

The SiD detector concept held a workshop at SLAC from 14 to 16 October. This was the first workshop held since the completion of the Detailed Baseline Design document and was an opportunity to consider the next steps in detector development and organisation of the concept. The workshop agenda can be found here.

Around the World

Running like an electron

by Barbara Warmbein

Hundreds of children (as well as some playful adults) turned into human electrons at the ILC exhibit for the German accelerator lab DESY’s Open Day on 2 November in a mini ILC.

Video of the week

Understanding the ILC (hand-made animation inside)

Credit: University of Texas-Arlington

A nice hand-made animation explains why a linear collider is needed to study the Higgs particle in great detail. Enjoy the description of the ILC machine "and then BOOM... science".

In the News

  • from ScienceGuide
    6 November 2013

    Wat is de toekomst van het fameuze CERN? Heeft het een antwoord op de plannen voor de International Linear Collider die hoogstwaarschijnlijk in Japan gebouwd gaat worden? De Japanse overheid is bereid de helft van de kosten voor zijn rekening te nemen, dus er komt flink beweging op dit terrein op wereldschaal.

  • from
    5 November 2013

    The International Linear Collider aims to “discover an overarching theory of everything”
    The vast new facility will increase understanding of the Higgs Boson, commonly known as the “God particle”
    Research into the particle led to the awarding of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics

  • from UTA The Shorthorn
    30 October 2013

    UTA is involved in planning the next large-scale machine to further study the Higgs boson.

  • from Market Watch
    28 October 2013

    Această tematică de cercetare a INCD pentru Fizica Materialelor (INFM) este strâns legată de colaborarea cu CERN, prin intermediul proiectului RD50, şi este motivată în principal de provocarea impusă de noile acceleratoare de particule ca Large Hadron Collider (LHC), operabil în prezent la CERN, precum şi de upgradarea viitoare a acestuia (SLHC), International Linear Collider (ILC) sau de sursele de fotoni cu brilianță mare, ca XFEL, prevăzute şi ele pentru acest deceniu.