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First full-size ILC cryomodule assembled at KEK’s STF test facility

| 5 December 2013

The image shows the assembly work of the cold mass for an ILC cryomodule in the superconducting rf test facility (STF) at KEK. Since the STF tunnel has a limitation for the size of the components to bring in, only half-size modules could be assembled before. STF now is equipped with new assembly facility in the tunnel, and this will be the first full-size ILC cryomodule to be assembled at KEK. This cryomodule will have a beam position monitor and a superconducting quadruple magnet in the centre, planned to be completed in December. In January, scientists will connect another half-size cryomodule, and start the cooling test in June.

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  • Rey.hori says:

    I really want to see the module at this situation (without outer enclosure) to update my 3DCG model (for illustrations) for following the latest configuration.