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Now open: the Planning Office for the International Linear Collider to realise the ILC

| 6 February 2014

Possible roadmap towards the realisation of the ILC

I am pleased to be in charge to provide the Director’s Corner in timely manner and coinciding with a public announcement from KEK. KEK has set up a Planning Office for the International Linear Collider, headed by Atsuto Suzuki, Director General of KEK. It may serves a precursor for an international planning organisation for the ILC, in the preparation phase starting after the Technical Design Phase completed (see roadmap).

Organisation chart of the newly established Planning Office for the ILC

The new office at KEK will consist of two units: the “ILC Project Unit” and the “Coordination Unit” (see organisational chart) and will oversee a broad range of activities required for the realisation of the ILC, in addition to the R&D efforts that are already going on. The functionality of the current “LC Project Office”, of which I am in charge, is to be integrated into the ILC project unit of the Planning Office this year. I am pleased that our activities may receive a boost to prepare for the ILC to be realised. The main efforts will be to extend Asian cooperation as well as global cooperation. I would like to thank in advance the Asian and global collaborators to encourage us to work together.

Akira Yamamoto

Akira Yamamoto, Asian Director for the ILC
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