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Support around the Kitakami site

6 February 2014

The Kitakami region in the north of Japan in Iwate prefecture is a potential site for the ILC in Japan, as recommended by the ILC site evaluation committee of Japan on 23 August 2013. And the region is clearly proud of this recommendation. The towns that would be the neighbours of the ILC if it was built there boast banners on official buildings and billboards along the roads, local shops have small banners on their tills, hotel clerks wear fan buttons and taxis sport bumper stickers – all in support of the ILC. Pictured are an advertising column outside Ichinoseki station and a banner at Mizusawa-Esashi station in the city Oshu. Read more about the field trip of the communications team to the Kitakami site in upcoming issues of LC NewsLine.

Banner outside the Shinkansen station in Oshu city. Image: ILC

Advertising column outside Ichinoseki station. Image: ILC

ILC mini-banner at Kawasaki Roadside Station. Image: ILC

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