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Linear collider scientists gather in Japan

| 4 September 2014

From 27 to 29 August, the POSIPOL 2014 workshop was held at the brand-new library at Ichinoseki-city, Iwate prefecture, Japan. Scientists discussed issues of polarised positron sources, high-intensity positron sources, X-ray/Gamma-ray sources, and their applications. The R&D on positron source technology is crucial for the realisation of the proposed future linear colliders, ILC and CLIC.

Participants of POSIPOL 2014 held at Ichinoseki-city, Iwate, Japan. Image: KEK

On 2 and 3 September, the SiD workshop was held at the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. This was as special SiD workshop, being the first workshop in Asia. Participants identified the present status of work on SiD,and the many opportunities for the way forward were discussed. Some of the participants will join the ILC site tour hosted by ILD workshop to be held at Oshu city, Iwate.

Group photo of the participants of the Special Sid Workshop held at the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. Image: Rika Takahashi

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