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Efforts for the ILC to be matured “from Design to Reality”

| 2 October 2014

Organigram showing the various committees and task forces in place for the Japanese funding agency MEXT.

The 2014 International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders (LCWS’14) hosted by Vinca Institute of Nuclear Science, Serbia will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, next week from 6 to 10 October. The workshop will mark an important step for accelerator and detector design to be further optimised and prepared for the best physics case.

The workshop motivation and general scope for the ‘accelerator’ can be seen in a previous Director’s Corner by Mike Harrison on 4 September. We need an adequate process for design updates, changes and further optimisations to be discussed, agreed, and formalised by the entire linear collider collaboration.

Recently the design change management board (CMB) has been established, and the following two design change requests have been submitted to the CMB: the first one is for an “insertion of so-called ‘dogleg’ optics and space after the electron linac high-energy end”, and the second one is for “Baseline optics to provide for a single L* optics configuration”. Those result from our further study after the TDR, and are symbolical starting efforts for the ILC “from design to reality”.  Those requests will be formally announced during LCWS’14, evaluated by CMB, and formalised by LCC/LCB. We are expecting further change request such as for “the Interaction Region CFS design to be updated”, soon, for further progress.

The LCC is actively moving forward the ILC to be realised, and we are planning to collect direct live voices of strong support and anticipation for the realisation of the ILC from LCC collaborators and supporters to be reported to relevant official committees and organisations in Japan (described by Lyn Evans in last issue’s Director’s Corner, and see figure) working on the ILC physics justification and technical validations. Please see the announcement in this week’s issue for more info. We would appreciate everyone’s contribution to this effort!

Akira Yamamoto

Akira Yamamoto, Asian Director for the ILC
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