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| 2 October 2014

We’re looking forward to watching your #mylinearcollider videos. Take part! ©KEK

The ILC is just one step away from the start of construction. Japan’s Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) set up a “Task force for ILC” headed by the vice-Minister. Under the Task Force, an “Academic Experts Committee” was established, and they are now reviewing if Japan should take a lead for the ILC.

Now is the time to really show our ambition to realise the ILC. The LC communication team will produce a collection of #mylinearcollider video messages from all over the world to support the ILC. Please join the team and give the ILC project a final push! Tell us who you are and what difference the ILC would make for physics, for you, for Japan. Together we can show the funding agencies that there is strong support for the ILC around the world. Your messages will help realise the ILC. Ask your colleague, students and family to join. Three, two, one – action!

If you don’t have the equipment to record yourself, please contact us and we’ll try to help. And if you’re at the LCWS in Belgrade Linear Collider workshop next week, there’ll be a camera and a communicator waiting to record your #mylinearcollider message on Thursday and Friday.

Your message can contain following statements:

  • Your name and name of institution/university (essential)
  • Why you think you need the ILC
  • What you want to do when the ILC is built
  • Your will to come to the ILC site
  • Any message to back up the realisation of the ILC

How to record your video – there are several possibilities:

  1. Take a short video message using your iPhone or computer. Here a a few tips on how to take a video using your cell phones: clip one, clip two
  2. Using Photo Booth application: Open Photo Booth. In the left hand corner below the image window are three buttons. The third button is used to take a video clip.
  3. Contact the communicators and ask for help in recording your messages
  4. Come to LCWS14 in Belgrade
  5. If you are camera shy, you can also send us a picture of you with a written message.

How to send your video:

Send your file to communicators via any of file sending service outlines below. Please DO NOT send your file as an attachment to your e-mail – it will crash our inboxes.

You can also share you message with the #mylinearcollider tag on our Facebook page, or write on Twitter @LCNewsLine or post a video on YouTube and let us know.

Now, here’s our first video, from Hitoshi Murayama, Deputy Director of the Linear Collider Collaboration.

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